80 Helpful Excel ChatGPT Prompts to 10x Your Excel Abilities

Excel ChatGPT prompts are command-like phrases that can be used to ask ChatGPT to provide information or perform tasks related to Excel. These prompts serve as a bridge between Excel’s powerful capabilities and ChatGPT’s natural language processing to help users accomplish more in less time.

Whether you’re an Excel novice or a power user, the right prompts can help you skill up rapidly. This article will provide 80 prompts across basic and advanced Excel topics to 10x your spreadsheet abilities.

Getting Started with Excel ChatGPT Prompts

If you’re new to Excel prompts for ChatGPT, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be as specific as possible in describing what you want Excel/ChatGPT to do
  • Break down multi-step tasks into separate prompts
  • Use simple language – avoid jargon
  • Request sample code/formulas if you want to reverse-engineer Excel solutions

Here are some starter prompts to warm up with:

  • “Explain the key differences between relative, mixed, and absolute cell references in Excel formulas.”
  • “Provide 5 examples of commonly used Excel keyboard shortcuts along with what task each shortcut performs.”
  • “List 10 beginner Excel tips and tricks for analyzing data more efficiently.”

Basic Excel Help

Use these fundamental Excel ChatGPT prompts to fill gaps in your basic Excel skills:

  • Navigating worksheets: “Provide steps for selecting a range of cells in Excel using the keyboard and mouse.”
  • Data entry tips: “Share best practices for entering different types of data into Excel worksheets.”
  • Formula building blocks: “Explain the order of operations used when calculating formulas in Excel.”
  • Handy functions: “Describe 5 commonly used Excel functions for tasks like finding averages, maximums, and sums.”
  • Useful shortcuts: “List 10 keyboard shortcuts in Excel to improve efficiency with navigation and selection.”
  • Data analysis: “Provide a simple set of Excel steps to sort a dataset from A-Z and filter based on criteria.”
  • Charts and graphs: “Share sample code for creating a basic column chart in Excel to visualize data.”
  • Formatting data: “Describe how to format Excel cells as currency, percentages, dates, or text.”

Intermediate Prompts

Take your Excel skills up a notch with these prompts:

  • Complex formulas: “Write a nested IF statement in Excel to assign letter grades based on percentage scores.”
  • Dynamic arrays: “Provide an example of using Excel’s SORT and FILTER functions for dynamic arrays.”
  • PivotTables: “Explain the step-by-step process for creating a PivotTable linked to source data.”
  • Advanced charts: “Share Excel code for making a combo chart with two Y axes to plot different measures.”
  • Power Query: “Describe how Power Query can transform data from an external source into an Excel-friendly format.”
  • Data validation: “Construct an Excel data validation rule preventing invalid text entries in a cell.”
  • VLOOKUP: “Explain how to write a VLOOKUP formula in Excel to return values from another table.”
  • Macros: “Write a short macro to format a selected cell range in Excel with bold, italics, and yellow fill.”

Advanced Excel Prompts

Take your Excel mastery to new levels with these high-value prompts:

  • Complex logic: “Write nested IF and IFS formulas in Excel comparing multiple criteria.”
  • Obscure functions: “Explain how the Excel PRODUCT and SUMPRODUCT functions can calculate totals.”
  • Array formulas: “Provide simple examples of array formulas for summing with multiple criteria.”
  • Data imports: “Share VBA code for importing a text file into a predetermined Excel sheet.”
  • Macro recording: “Describe steps to record an Excel macro automating data cleanup and analysis.”
  • Userforms: “Construct VBA code for an Excel userform with input boxes and command buttons.”
  • Event macros: “Write event handler macros in Excel reacting to worksheet changes and selections.”
  • Power Pivot: “Explain how to build a relationship between Power Pivot tables to analyze data.”
  • Power Query: “Write M code in Power Query to clean data from Excel tables for reporting.”

Putting ChatGPT to Work

With the right prompts, ChatGPT can help you skill up rapidly in Excel. Use these 80 prompts as inspiration for your own Excel questions.

Remember to start simple, be specific in what you want to accomplish, and work your way up to more advanced capabilities over time. The prompts above should fuel countless ideas to help you get far more value out of Excel.