Siri Command Examples: Mastering Voice Commands on macOS

Siri Command Examples: Mastering Voice Commands on macOS allows users to harness the full potential of Siri by executing various tasks on their Mac through voice commands. Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, or simply enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation, Siri has got you covered. Read on for a comprehensive list of voice command examples that cover a range of functionalities. Try out these commands to take control of your Mac and make the most out of your Siri experience.

#1 System Commands

“Lock the screen.”
“Restart the computer.”
“Put the computer to sleep.”
“Shut down the system.”
“Turn on Do Not Disturb.”

#2 File and Folder Management

“Open [file/folder name].”
“Create a new folder.”
“Rename [file/folder name] to [new name].”
“Move [file/folder name] to [destination].”
“Delete [file/folder name].”

#3 Web Browsing

“Open Safari.”
“Search the web for [search term].”
“Go to [website URL].”
“Open a new tab.”
“Close the current tab.”

#4 Productivity Tools

“Set an alarm for [time].”
“Create a reminder: [task] at [time].”
“Read my latest email.”
“Schedule a meeting for [date] at [time].”
“Create a new note.”

#5 Application-specific Commands

“Send a message to [contact] on [messaging app].”
“Play [song/artist/genre] on [music app].”
“Open [app name].”
“Show my contacts in [contacts app].”
“Create a new document in [word processing app].”

#6 Display and Presentation

“Increase brightness.”
“Decrease volume.”
“Zoom in.”
“Take a screenshot.”
“Start a presentation.”

#7 System Preferences

“Open System Preferences.”
“Turn on dark mode.”
“Change the desktop background.”
“Adjust display settings.”
“Configure privacy settings.”

#8 Accessibility Settings

“Increase font size.”
“Enable VoiceOver.”
“Turn on closed captions.”
“Activate Dictation mode.”
“Set up Touch ID.”

#9 Calendar and Reminders

“What’s on my calendar for [date]?”
“Remind me to [task] at [time].”
“Schedule a meeting with [contact] on [date] at [time].”
“Show me tasks for today.”
“Set a timer for [duration].”

#10 Music and Entertainment

“Play some music.”
“Skip this song.”
“Pause the music.”
“Shuffle the playlist.”
“Tell me a joke.”

#11 Math and Conversions

“What is [number] plus [number]?”
“Convert [value] [unit] to [unit].”
“Calculate [equation].”
“Find the square root of [number].”
“Convert currency [amount] from [currency] to [currency].”

#12 Messaging and Communication

“Read my last message.”
“Send a text to [contact].”
“Call [contact].”
“FaceTime [contact].”
“Check my voicemail.”

#13 Miscellaneous Commands

“Search my files for Siri commands on osx.”
“Translate [phrase] to [language].”
“Define [word].”
“Tell me the weather forecast.”
“Find the nearest restaurant.”

These Siri voice command examples highlight the potential Siri brings to your macOS experience. Experiment with these commands and explore the vast capabilities of Siri on macOS to enhance your productivity, multitasking abilities, and overall user experience.