16 Yeelight Commands for Google Assistant

All Yeelight products can be controlled via Google Home and Google Assistant. The thing needs to do is linking the commands database to your device. Go to Yeelight Google Assistant page, link with your device, and finally, you can use the following commands to control any Yeelight lamp.

“Ok Google, turn on the light.”

“Ok Google, turn off the light.”

“Turn on (device name).”

“Turn off (device name).”

“Turn on (device name) in (room name).”

“Turn off (device name) in (room name).”

“Dim the light to (value) percent.”

“Dim the light in the (room name).”

“Set brightness of (device name) to (value) percent.”

“Turn the brightness of the light to maximum.”

“Turn the brightness of the light to a minimum.”

“Set (device name) to (color).”

“Change the light to (color).”

“Activate (target scene).”

“Ok Google, is the light on in the kids bedroom?”

“Is the light in Mary’s room on?”


  • (device name) — Change with your Yeelight device name
  • (value) — Specify the percentage number of brightness
  • (color) — Name the color you want Yeelight to show
  • (target scene) — The Yeelight scene or custom scene you have created