Vizio Alexa Voice Command Examples: Your Ultimate Guide to Hands-Free Control

Welcome to Vizio Alexa Voice Command Examples: Your Ultimate Guide to Hands-Free Control. Below, you will find a variety of voice command examples that you can use to control your Vizio devices with ease. Whether you want to adjust the volume, change the channel, or access your favorite streaming services, these voice commands will help you navigate your Vizio products effortlessly. Say goodbye to remote controls and hello to the convenience of voice control.

#1 Basic Control

“Turn on the TV.”
“Turn off the TV.”
“Change the input to HDMI 1.”
“Switch to the cable box.”

#2 Volume Control

“Set the volume to 50.”
“Increase the volume by 10.”
“Decrease the volume by 5.”
“Mute the TV.”

#3 Channel Control

“Change the channel to NBC.”
“Tune to channel 505.”
“Switch to ESPN.”
“Go to the previous channel.”

#4 Streaming Services Control

“Open Netflix.”
“Play Stranger Things on Netflix.”
“Search for action movies on Amazon Prime Video.”
“Show me the latest movies on Hulu.”

#5 Picture Control

“Set picture mode to Standard.”
“Adjust brightness to 70.”
“Change the aspect ratio to Wide.”
“Turn on/off the local dimming.”

#6 Power Control

“Put the TV in sleep mode.”
“Restart the TV.”
“Turn off the TV after 30 minutes.”
“Power off the Vizio soundbar.”

#7 Navigation Control

“Go to the settings menu.”
“Open the apps menu.”
“Navigate to the guide.”
“Browse the Vizio SmartCast interface.”

#8 Smart Home Integration

“Dim the living room lights.”
“Set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Arm the security system.”

#9 Info and Help

“What’s playing on TV right now?”
“Show me the weather forecast.”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Where can I find the user manual?”