Unlocking Cortana’s Potential: Custom Voice Commands Made Easy

Unlocking Cortana’s Potential: Custom Voice Commands Made Easy opens up a world of possibilities for you to streamline your daily tasks and maximize your productivity with just your voice. With Cortana, you can do more than just search the web or set reminders. By creating custom voice commands, you can take control of your digital assistant and make it work exactly how you want it to. Below are some examples of custom voice commands that will demonstrate just how powerful and versatile Cortana can be. Give them a try and unlock Cortana’s potential!

#1 Time and Date

“Hey Cortana, what time is it?”
“Hey Cortana, tell me today’s date.”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like tomorrow?”
“Hey Cortana, set an alarm for 7 am.”

#2 Productivity

“Hey Cortana, open Microsoft Word.”
“Hey Cortana, create a new email.”
“Hey Cortana, schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 2 pm.”
“Hey Cortana, remind me to call John in 30 minutes.”

#3 Entertainment

“Hey Cortana, play my favorite playlist.”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the latest movie in theaters?”
“Hey Cortana, tell me a joke.”
“Hey Cortana, play some relaxing music.”

#4 Navigation

“Hey Cortana, navigate to the nearest gas station.”
“Hey Cortana, how long will it take to drive to work?”
“Hey Cortana, show me directions to Golden Gate Bridge.”
“Hey Cortana, find the nearest coffee shop.”

#5 Health and Fitness

“Hey Cortana, track my steps for today.”
“Hey Cortana, how many calories are in a banana?”
“Hey Cortana, what is the best exercise for weight loss?”
“Hey Cortana, remind me to take my medication at 10 am.”

#6 Social Media

“Hey Cortana, post a status update on Facebook.”
“Hey Cortana, tweet ‘Hello world.'”
“Hey Cortana, find photos of my trip to Hawaii on Instagram.”
“Hey Cortana, show my last WhatsApp message.”

#7 Communication

“Hey Cortana, call Mom.”
“Hey Cortana, send a text message to John.”
“Hey Cortana, dictate a reply to the latest email.”
“Hey Cortana, read my unread messages.”

#8 News and Information

“Hey Cortana, what are the latest news headlines?”
“Hey Cortana, tell me a fun fact.”
“Hey Cortana, search for the definition of ‘serendipity.'”
“Hey Cortana, tell me about the history of Rome.”

#9 Shopping and Tasks

“Hey Cortana, add eggs to my shopping list.”
“Hey Cortana, remind me to buy a birthday gift for Sarah.”
“Hey Cortana, search for a new pair of running shoes online.”
“Hey Cortana, add ‘clean the garage’ to my to-do list.”

#10 Personalization

“Hey Cortana, change my background to a beach scene.”
“Hey Cortana, switch to dark mode.”
“Hey Cortana, show me alternative taskbar icons.”
“Hey Cortana, disable the ‘Hey Cortana’ voice command.”