Cortana Voice Command Examples: Streamline Your Tasks!

Are you tired of constantly switching between apps or typing in commands to perform tasks on your device? Look no further than Cortana Voice Command Examples to streamline your everyday tasks! Below you will find examples of voice commands that you can use to make your life easier.

#1 Calendar and Reminders

“Set a reminder to call the dentist at 2pm tomorrow”
“Show me my next appointment”
“Schedule a meeting on Tuesday at 10am”
“Remind me to buy milk on my way home”
“Add an event to my calendar for June 15th”

#2 Email and Communication

“Send an email to John Smith with the subject ‘Meeting Notes'”
“Read my new emails”
“Reply to the last email I received”
“Call Mom”
“Text Emily ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes'”

#3 Entertainment and Media

“Play the next song”
“Pause the music”
“Skip to the next episode of Friends”
“Open Netflix”
“Search for new movies on Amazon Prime”

#4 Productivity and Browsing

“Open Excel”
“Close all tabs”
“Search for chocolate cake recipes”
“Take a screenshot”
“Show me the weather forecast”

#5 Device Control

“Turn off Bluetooth”
“Increase the brightness”
“Lock my device”
“Open settings”
“Restart my device”