Unique Creative Writing Prompt Video

Creative writing prompts are a great way to stimulate your imagination and get those creative juices flowing. AI can be a useful tool for generating unique and thought-provoking writing prompts that you may not have considered on your own.

Here are some examples of video-based creative writing prompts using AI:

Describe a Video Scene

Provide an AI video generator with a genre, mood, setting, etc. and ask it to describe a fictional video scene. Use the description as the basis for a short story or scene.

Example prompt: Describe a 3 minute opening scene for a mystery video set in a haunted house, with an ominous mood.

Create a Video Trailer

Ask an AI tool to write a script for a short (30-90 seconds) video trailer introducing key characters and teasing the central conflict. Use the trailer script as inspiration for developing the full story.

Example prompt: Write a 1 minute video trailer script previewing a comedy film about two friends backpacking across Europe.

Imagine Alternative Endings

Use an AI tool to generate several possible alternative endings for a well-known movie’s plot. Pick one and write a short story leading up to and realizing that ending.

Example prompt: Suggest 3 surprising alternative endings for the movie Titanic.

Explore “What If” Scenarios

Pick a favorite movie and use an AI tool to explore “what if” scenarios by changing key plot points and characters. Write a short story or scene based on the AI’s suggestions.

Example prompt: How would the plot of Harry Potter change if Hermione was the chosen one instead of Harry?

Character Profile Generator

Have an AI tool develop detailed character profiles complete with backstories, motivations, secrets, etc. Bring one or more characters to life in a scene or short story.

Example prompt: Write a 500 word character profile for the heroine of a historical fiction novel set during World War II.

Useful Websites for AI Writing Prompts


Here are some useful websites for finding more AI writing prompts and getting inspiration:

So explore these sites for a wide range of eclectic, eccentric, and electric prompts! The key is to let the ideas percolate before choosing one that speaks to you.

Final Tips for Applying AI Writing Prompts


When using AI writing prompts, keep these tips in mind:

  • Define parameters – Give the AI clear guidelines like genre, length, tone etc.
  • Seed multiple options – Generate 3-5 prompts and pick the most promising.
  • Add your own twist – Customize the prompt to make it distinctive.
  • Start small – Begin with a scene or excerpt based on the prompt.
  • Make it your own – Allow the prompt to inspire rather than dictate.

AI tools can deliver intriguing and unexpected writing prompts. With experimentation and practice, they can become a versatile muse by your side!

The key is learning how to best frame prompts to tap the AI’s creative potential while retaining your own vision. Use the examples and guidance above to craft prompts that unlock new writing frontiers!