Stable Diffusion Prompt Hints

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation model that creates images from text prompts. Writing effective prompts is key to generating high-quality images in Stable Diffusion. This article provides tips, examples, and resources to help you become an expert at crafting Stable Diffusion prompts.

Defining Key Elements of a Prompt

A Stable Diffusion prompt has several key elements:

  • Description – Clear description of the main subject and scene. Use adjectives and details.
  • Style – Artistic style cues like “oil painting”, “vector art”, etc.
  • Quality – Details to enhance quality like “intricate details”, “8k resolution”.
  • Negative Prompts – Things to avoid like “blurry”, “text”.

Carefully choosing prompt elements results in better images.

Prompt Structure

Structure your prompts using this template:

“A highly detailed [style] digital painting of a [subject] [descriptors], [style cues], [quality cues], by [artist]”

Helpful Prompting Resources

Key Prompting Techniques

Here are some key techniques to write better Stable Diffusion prompts:

Attention Control

Use attention weighting (numbers after colons) to focus SD on key prompt elements:

“A photo of a (cat:1.2) playing with a ball of yarn”


Repeat important keywords later in the prompt:

“A portrait painting of a woman wearing glasses, woman wearing glasses”

Associative Chaining

Link prompt elements together to imply relationships:

“A turtle with a globe on its back swimming in space”

Unexpected Combinations

Combine disparate elements to spark SD’s creativity:

“An astronaut riding a horse on Mars”

Consistent Style

Maintain stylistic consistency using multiple style cues:

“Impressionist oil painting of a fruit basket in thick textured brush strokes”

Negative Prompts

Add negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements:

“A beach sunset, no people, no boats”

Prompt Examples

Here are some example prompts showcasing effective techniques:

Fantasy Landscape

“A mystical landscape digital painting, fantasy magical forest, tall trees, magical glowing mushrooms clustered around bases of trees, thick fog swirling around ground”

Fashion Model

“A photo of beautiful brunette model wearing an elegant black evening gown, studio lighting, sharp focus, intricate lace details on dress”

Steampunk Robot

“A steampunk brass robot with gears and rivets, holding a vintage leather suitcase, intricate mechanical details, backlit by soft sunlight streaming through windows”


Writing excellent Stable Diffusion prompts is a learnable skill. Use the tips, resources, and examples in this article as a starting point for creating your own amazing AI-generated images. Check out DreamStudio to try out Stable Diffusion firsthand. Keep practicing and have fun prompt engineering!

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