Ultimate Guide: Alexa Voice Commands for DirecTV Now

Are you looking to enhance your DirecTV Now experience with Alexa voice commands? Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of voice command examples that you can use to navigate, search, and control your favorite shows and channels. With these commands, you can simplify your viewing experience and enjoy seamless control over your DirecTV Now content.

#1 Navigation Commands

“Go to guide”
“Open menu”
“Show me my recordings”
“Navigate to my DVR”
“Skip ahead 30 seconds”
“Rewind 1 minute”
“Go to next channel”
“Previous channel”
“Show me what’s on now”
“Switch to channel 200”

#2 Search Commands

“Search for Friends”
“Find The Office”
“Look for action movies”
“Show me comedies”
“Search for live sports”
“Find documentaries”
“Search for shows with Jason Bateman”
“Look for movies with Sandra Bullock”
“Find cooking shows”
“Show me reality TV”

#3 Playback Commands

“Fast forward”
“Start over”
“Record this”
“Delete recording”
“Watch from beginning”

#4 Channel Control Commands

“Turn on AMC”
“Switch to ESPN”
“Go to HBO”
“Watch Cartoon Network”
“Turn on Comedy Central”
“Play NBC”
“Go to ABC”
“Watch FOX”
“Turn on Showtime”
“Switch to CNN”