Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting

ChatGPT is an AI assistant that can be incredibly useful for copywriters. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can help generate ideas, write draft copy, and even provide editing suggestions.

Here are some of the best prompts to utilize ChatGPT for copywriting:

Brainstorming and Outlining

When starting a new copywriting project, it’s important to brainstorm ideas and create an outline. Here are prompts that can help with that initial planning process:

Prompt: “Provide 10 potential headline ideas for a [blog post/landing page/email/etc] about [topic]. The target audience is [describe target audience].”

Prompt: “Suggest an outline for a [500/1000/2000 etc] word [blog post/landing page copy/etc] about [topic]. Include[3][4][5] main headings with[3][4][5] subpoints under each.”

Drafting Copy

Once the outline is ready, use these prompts to get ChatGPT to write an initial draft:

Prompt: “Write a [first/opening] draft of a [500/1000/2000 etc word] [blog post/landing page/email/etc] about [topic]. Use the following outline and target it to [describe target audience] using a [describe tone] tone. [Insert outline here].”

Prompt: “Write[3] potential [blog post intros/email subject lines/landing page headlines/etc] about [topic].”

Improving Copy

If you already have some copy written, these prompts help refine it:

Prompt: “Suggest[3][4][5] improvements for the following [blog post/landing page/email/etc] copy to make it more [persuasive/beneficial/interesting] for [target audience]: [Insert copy]”

Prompt: “Edit the following [blog post/landing page/email/etc] copy to be [more concise/more scannable/better structured/etc]: [Insert copy]”

Prompt: “Revise this [headline/subject line/subtitle/etc] while keeping the core message intact: [insert copy]”

Optimizing for SEO {#optimizing-for-seo}

ChatGPT can also suggest ways to optimize copy for search engines:

Prompt: “Suggest[3][4][5] ways to improve the SEO and keyword optimization of this [blog post/landing page/etc] copy: [Insert copy]”

Prompt: “Recommend[5][6][7][8][9][10] relevant long tail keywords and keyphrases that could be incorporated into this [blog post/ landing page/ etc] copy: [Insert copy]”

Checking Tone and Formatting

Before finalizing any copy, it’s wise to double check the tone and formatting:

Prompt: “Read through the following [blog post/landing page/email/etc] draft and suggest any improvements to the tone or formatting: [Insert copy]”

Prompt: “Check the tone of voice in this [blog post/email/etc] draft. Does it sound [too formal/informal] for the target audience of [describe target audience]? Suggest any improvements.”

Prompt: “Format the following draft copy using markdown formatting best practices for readability: [Insert copy]”

By utilizing these and other well-structured prompts, copywriters can tap into ChatGPT to enhance their workflows and content. Remember to always carefully review any AI-generated copy before publishing!

Useful Websites for Copywriting with ChatGPT

  • Copy.ai – AI copywriting assistant
  • Conversion.ai – AI tool to generate marketing copy
  • ShortlyAI – Create short summaries using AI
  • Rytr – Long-form AI content generator
  • Writesonic – AI web content writing software