Ultimate Chat GPT Prompts for Writing Reddit

Greetings fellow Redditors! I’m excited to showcase my expertise in crafting prompts for Chat GPT. As an avid Reddit user myself, I understand the desire to get the most out of this groundbreaking AI tool when posting on subreddits.

In this post, I’ll provide a variety of useful prompt examples you can utilize to take your Reddit posts to the next level.

Prompt Structure

When crafting prompts for Reddit, it’s important to clearly define the objective upfront. For example:

“I am a Reddit user asking Chat GPT to help me write a high-quality post for the r/Futurology subreddit with 1500 words formatted in markdown. The post should overview the latest innovations in AI and machine learning in a casual, conversational tone. Please provide an outline first, then write the full post using relevant headers, bullet points, links, and code blocks where applicable.”

Let’s break this prompt down:

  • Identifies audience – Reddit users, r/Futurology subreddit
  • Specifies word count – 1500 words
  • Requests markdown formatting – headers, bullets, links, code blocks
  • Defines tone – casual, conversational
  • Summarizes topic – Latest AI/ML innovations
  • Provides clear workflow – Outline first, then full draft

Using this structure ensures Chat GPT generates on-topic content tailored specifically for Reddit.

Post Types

Here are some prompt examples for popular Reddit post types:

Discussion Posts

“I am a Reddit user creating a discussion post for r/technology with a title and 300-word description analyzing the societal impacts of AI art generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney.”

News Posts

“I am a Reddit user writing a current events post for r/worldnews. Provide a 150-word paragraph summarizing a recent development in AI policy, citing reputable news sources.”

Image Posts

“I am a Reddit user creating an image post for r/InterestingAsFuck. Generate a prompt to submit to DALL-E 2 that would intrigue that subreddit’s users. Describe the image it would produce in one sentence.”

AMA Posts

“I am a Reddit user requesting Chat GPT to do an AMA pretending to be the CEO of Anthropic, Dario Amodei. Answer 10 questions about research priorities and business strategy in a professional tone.”

These examples demonstrate how you can customize prompts for different Reddit post types while establishing the appropriate voice and style.

Subreddit-Specific Prompts

Tailoring your prompt to specific subreddits helps ensure relevancy. For example:

r/Futurology: “Compare the long-term societal impacts of AGI and transhumanism in a 1500-word essay formatted in markdown for r/Futurology.”

r/Artificial: “Provide 5 unique prompts I could submit to AI image generators to showcase on the r/Artificial subreddit, along with 1-2 sentence descriptions of what each would depict.”

r/MachineLearning: “Suggest 3 advanced machine learning paper concepts I could summarize in separate 1000-word posts for r/MachineLearning, citing research sources.”

Notice how these prompts align with the interests and expectations of each subreddit’s community.

Helpful Prompt Guidelines

Here are some additional tips for crafting effective Reddit prompts:

  • Avoid potential policy violations – Don’t have Chat GPT generate content that violates Reddit’s policies.
  • Check post rules first – Review the subreddit’s rules before posting to ensure compliance.
  • Limit personal requests – Avoid overly personal/specific requests (names, emails, etc).
  • Summarize don’t plagiarize – Have Chat GPT summarize sources rather than plagiarizing full passages.
  • Provide sources when relevant – Supply links/references to improve accuracy and credibility when appropriate.
  • Request feedback – Ask Chat GPT to suggest improvements to your draft post.

Useful Websites:

I hope these AI prompt examples spark some ideas to enhance your Reddit posts! Let me know if you have any other questions.