20 Creepy Siri Voice Command Examples: A Spooky Showcase

Below are some spooky examples of voice commands you can use with Siri to add some eerie fun to your day. Whether you’re looking to spook your friends or just get into the Halloween spirit, these commands are sure to give you a chill down your spine.

Ghostly Encounters #1

“Tell me a scary story, Siri.”
“Can you recommend a haunted house nearby?”
“Ask Siri to tell you a ghost story.”
“Ask Siri to summon a ghost.”

Devilish Dialogues #2

“Ask Siri to play a creepy song.”
“Ask Siri to tell you a riddle.”
“Say ‘trick or treat’ to Siri.”
“Ask Siri to tell you a scary joke.”

Witchy Wisdom #3

“Ask Siri to recommend a Halloween costume.”
“Ask Siri to cast a spell.”
“Ask Siri to recommend a potion recipe.”
“Ask Siri for Halloween party ideas.”

Zombie Zone #4

“Ask Siri for tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse.”
“Ask Siri for the best zombie movies.”
“Ask Siri to find a haunted graveyard near you.”
“Ask Siri to play a zombie sound effect.”

Monster Mash #5

“Ask Siri to tell you about urban legends.”
“Ask Siri to recommend a monster movie.”
“Ask Siri to share creepy facts.”
“Ask Siri to scare you.”