Mastering Siri’s Voice Commands: Top Examples

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, then you are already familiar with Siri, Apple’s personal virtual assistant. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant that uses voice commands to perform various tasks such as making calls, sending texts, and setting reminders. But did you know that Siri can do much more than that? Below are some of the top examples of voice commands you can use to unleash the full power of Siri’s capabilities.

#1 Call Commands

“Call [contact name]” – Calls the specified contact.
“Call [phone number]” – Calls the specified phone number.
“Facetime [contact name]” – Initiates a Facetime call with the specified contact.
“Redial” – Calls the last number dialed.

#2 Texting Commands

“Send text to [contact name]” – Sends a text message to the specified contact.
“What’s the weather like tomorrow?” – Shows the weather forecast for tomorrow.
“Read my new messages” – Reads out any new text messages.
“Reply [message]” – Sends a reply to the message just read.

#3 Music Commands

“Play [song name]” – Plays the specified song.
“Next song” – Plays the next song in the playlist.
“Pause music” – Pauses the currently playing song.
“Turn up/down the volume” – Increases or decreases the volume of the music.

#4 Navigation Commands

“Directions to [destination]” – Provides directions to the specified destination.
“How long to get to [destination]” – Provides an estimated time of arrival to the desired destination.
“Where am I?” – Shows the current location on a map.
“Find me the nearest [restaurant, gas station, etc.]” – Finds the nearest point of interest based on the keyword specified.

#5 Reminder Commands

“Remind me to [task] at [time]” – Sets a reminder for the specified task at the specified time.
“Remind me when I get home to [task]” – Sets a reminder to perform a task when the device detects that it has returned home.
“Remind me when I leave here to [task]” – Sets a reminder to perform a task when the device detects that it has left the current location.

#6 Miscellaneous Commands

“What is the meaning of [word/phrase]” – Provides the meaning of the specified word or phrase.
“What’s the time in [city/country]” – Displays the current time in the specified city/country.
“Open [app name]” – Opens the specified app.
“Set a timer for [time]” – Sets a timer for the specified time.