Top Baby-Friendly Voice Commands for Google Assistant: Handy Examples

Below are some examples of voice commands that can be used with Google Assistant to cater to the needs of babies. These voice commands cover a range of baby-friendly tasks, providing parents with helpful assistance and information in their daily routines.

#1 Feeding and Nutrition

“Ask Baby Assistant for age-appropriate baby food recipes.”
“Hey Google, how many ounces should my 6-month-old baby drink?”
“Add baby formula to my shopping list.”
“Find a nearby store that sells organic baby food.”
“Ask Baby Assistant for tips on introducing solid foods to my baby’s diet.”

#2 Sleep and Nap Time

“Hey Google, play lullabies for my baby.”
“Set a nap timer for 30 minutes.”
“Ask Baby Assistant for tips on establishing a bedtime routine.”
“What are some natural ways to help my baby sleep through the night?”
“Find white noise sounds to help calm my baby during sleep.”

#3 Growth and Development

“Hey Google, tell me about common milestones for a 9-month-old baby.”
“Ask Baby Assistant for age-appropriate toys and activities for my baby’s development.”
“What are the signs of teething in babies?”
“Set a reminder to schedule a wellness checkup for my baby.”
“Ask Baby Assistant for tips on promoting tummy time for my baby.”

#4 Health and Safety

“Hey Google, how can I childproof my home?”
“Ask Baby Assistant for the signs of an ear infection in babies.”
“Find nearby pharmacies that carry baby-safe sunscreen.”
“Set a reminder for my baby’s next vaccination.”
“What are some effective home remedies for diaper rash?”

#5 Parenting and Support

“Ask Baby Assistant for advice on parenting multiples.”
“Hey Google, recommend baby-friendly playgroups in my area.”
“Find parenting books for new moms on Google Play.”
“Ask Baby Assistant for tips on transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.”
“What are some effective techniques for soothing a colicky baby?”

#6 Entertainment and Engagement

“Hey Google, tell me a baby-friendly joke.”
“Play ‘Peek-a-boo’ with my baby.”
“Find baby-themed coloring book pages online.”
“Ask Baby Assistant for interactive nursery rhymes.”
“Play a nature sounds playlist for my baby.”

These examples demonstrate the versatility of Google Assistant when it comes to assisting parents with their baby-related tasks and inquiries. Whether it’s providing nutrition advice, sleep aids, developmental tips, health information, parenting guidance, or entertainment options, Google Assistant is a valuable tool in supporting new parents in their journey.