24 Spotify Commands for Google Assistant

There are plenty of Google Assistant’s commands to control your favorite music on Spotify. Before that, you need to link Spotify with Google Assistant first. The guide is available here and here (Google Nest). Now, check out the following example of commands.


“Ok Google, play Spotify.”

“Pause the music.”

“Resume the music.”

“Stop the music.”



“Set volume to 50%.”

“Reduce volume by 20%.”

“Play music in my bedroom.”

“Turn up the volume on Spotify.”

“Turn down the volume on Spotify.”

Play music

“Play some pop music on Spotify.”

“Play Memories on Spotify.”

“Play Michael Jackson songs.”

“Play ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify.”

“Play (album name) on Spotify.”

“Play some uplifting music.”

“Play the best music for gym on Spotify.”

“Play funky music.”

Shuffle songs

“Shuffle music from Adele.”

“Shuffle (album name).”

“Make (album name) shuffled.”

“Play Coldplay on shuffle.”

“Ok Google, shuffle the playlist.”

Please note that some commands are not available on Spotify Free. You will also hear a different response on a different account level.