Top Alexa Voice Commands for Everyday Use

If you’re someone who loves shortcuts and convenient solutions, then you’re probably already familiar with Alexa voice commands. Alexa-enabled devices have been taking households by storm, providing a hands-free and easy way to take care of tasks. Below are some examples of Top Alexa Voice Commands for Everyday Use that just about anyone can initiate.

#1 Music and Entertainment

“Play some music”, “Play (song name) by (artist name)”, “Skip”, “Pause”, “Resume”, “Stop”, “Turn the volume up/down”, “What’s playing?”, “Play some Relaxing music”, “Play some Jazzy music”, “Play 90’s hits”

#2 Smart Home Devices

“Turn off the lights”, “Turn on the lights”, “Dim the lights to (percentage)”, “Set the temperature to (temperature)”, “Set the temperature to (temperature) in the (room name)”, “Lock the front door”, “Unlock the front door”, “Open the garage door”, “Close the garage door”

#3 Reminders and Alarms

“Set an alarm for (time)”, “Wake me up at (time) on (day)”, “Set a reminder to (task)”, “Remind me to (task) at (time)”, “When is my next appointment?”, “What’s on my calendar for (day/date/time)?”, “Add (task) to my to-do list”

#4 News and Weather

“What’s in the news today?”, “What’s the weather like?”, “What’s the weather like in (city)”, “Will it rain today?”, “What’s the temperature outside?”, “What’s the weather forecast for (day) in (city)?”

#5 Communications

“Call (contact name)”, “Send a message to (contact name)”, “Send an email to (contact name)”, “Announce (message)”, “Drop in on (contact name)”, “Broadcast (message)”, “Make a video call to (contact name)”

#6 Shopping

“Order (product)”, “Track my package”, “What are my deals?”, “Add (product) to my cart”, “Cancel my order”, “Find me (brand) products”

#7 Fun and Games

“Alexa, start a game”, “Play Truth or Dare game”, “I’m feeling Lucky”, “Play Jeopardy”, “Play Would You Rather”, “Play Rock, Paper, Scissors”, “Play Escape the Room”

These are just a few examples of the Top Alexa Voice Commands for Everyday Use that can help you make your life easier and more manageable. With more and more Alexa-enabled devices on the market, the list of voice commands is constantly growing and improving. So, next time you’re wondering what movie to watch or need a quick update on the weather, give Alexa a try and see how much easier life can be.