Stable Diffusion Prompts for Oil Painting

When creating AI-generated art, the prompt is key to producing high-quality results. For oil painting prompts specifically, it’s important to provide details on the desired style, composition, lighting, and other elements that define great traditional paintings.

In this article, I’ll share my favorite Stable Diffusion prompts for generating stunning digital oil paintings. Whether you’re new to AI art or an experienced prompt engineer, these examples will spark ideas and help you create captivating images.

Specify an Artistic Style


Oil painting encompasses various styles from realism to abstraction. Be sure to indicate a specific movement or artist in your prompt so the AI understands the aesthetic you want.


oil painting by John Singer Sargent of a wealthy Edwardian woman in a lush garden, intricate detail, soft lighting, depth of field


Claude Monet style oil painting of a Japanese bridge over a pond with water lilies, loose brushstrokes, bright colors, soft light


Frantisek Kupka style abstract oil painting with strong diagonal lines and bold colors, high contrast, emotional intensity

Describe the Subject Matter


Give the AI clear direction on what you want painted as the central focus. Portraits, landscapes, still life subjects, and more can all make for striking oil paintings.


intricate oil painting portrait of an elf warrior woman with long braided red hair, dramatic lighting, textured brushstrokes


JMW Turner style turbulent seascape oil painting, stormy skies, crashing waves, thick impasto, swirling clouds 

Still Life

traditional realist oil painting of fruit including pomegranates, grapes, apples, and figs artfully arranged with draped fabric, raking light

Specify Composition and Viewpoint


Guide the AI by indicating how you want elements composed within the frame and the vantage point you desire.


asymmetrical composition with the subject placed to the right third of an oil painting featuring a ballerina dancing on stage, detailed backgrounds


worm's eye view oil painting of an imposing medieval castle on a hilltop overlooking a village, partly cloudy dramatic sky

Direct Lighting and Color


Lighting and color usage greatly impact the mood and atmosphere of a painting. Provide clear descriptive details to steer the AI.


Rembrandt style chiaroscuro oil painting of an old violinist playing in a dark theater, dramatic spotlight, high contrast


vibrant warm color palette oil painting of a tropical beach at sunset with palm trees silhouetted against a vibrant orange and pink sky

Useful Websites for Oil Painting Prompts

  • PromptHero – Searchable database of top SD oil painting prompts
  • Nightcafe Creator – Free AI art generator to test prompts
  • Lexica – AI assistant for refining prompts and getting new ideas



With the oil painting prompt examples and resources covered here, you have plenty of tools to create stunning AI-generated art. Don’t be afraid to tweak these prompts or combine different elements until you achieve images you love. And most importantly, have fun unleashing your creativity with Stable Diffusion!

Tips for Creating Better Prompts

  • Use specific styles, artists, subjects
  • Indicate composition, lighting, color
  • Try out prompts before generating final images
  • Combine and tweak prompts for ideal results