Stable Diffusion Negative Prompts for Realistic Photos

Key Negative Prompts for Realistic Images

Some commonly used negative prompts to help Stable Diffusion generate more realistic images include:

  • anime, cartoon, drawing, painting, sketch – Removes stylistic elements from other mediums
  • mutation, deformed, disfigured – Avoids anatomical abnormalities
  • blurry, lowres – Enhances image clarity
  • cgi, 3d, render – Avoids computer-generated elements

Some example prompts:

A photo of a flower in a field, realistic, highres, beautiful lighting, vibrant colors

Negative prompt: anime, cartoon, painting, drawing, sketch, mutation, deformed, disfigured, blurry, lowres, cgi, 3d, render

This prompt generates a realistic photo of a flower by excluding stylistic elements from other mediums as well as abnormalities, blurriness, and computer-generated components.

Tips for Effective Negative Prompts

  • Focus on removing stylistic elements based on the image medium you want
  • Avoid anatomical abnormalities like mutations or deformities
  • Enhance clarity by removing blurriness, low resolution, obscurity
  • Exclude computer-generated elements if you want photographic realism
  • Experiment with different terms to find the best results

I hope these examples provide some useful starting points for crafting negative prompts in Stable Diffusion. Please let me know if you have any other questions!