Stable Diffusion Prompt Gallery

Stable Diffusion is an AI system that generates images from text prompts. Crafting effective prompts is key to getting good results, but it can be challenging. This article will provide an overview of prompt engineering – the art and science of writing better prompts.

I’ll share my personal tips and tricks for prompt writing, as well as showcase some of my favorite prompt examples. My goal is to inspire your creativity and help you make the most of this incredible technology. So let’s dive in!

What Makes a Good Prompt?

A good prompt clearly describes the desired image in concrete detail. It sets the mood and subject matter, specifies artistic style, medium or technique, and includes any other creative elements you want to see.

Some key elements of effective prompts:

  • Clear subject matter – Who or what is the focus? Be specific.
  • Artistic style/medium – Digital art? Oil painting? Black and white sketch?
  • Mood and setting – Time period, lighting, other context
  • Extra descriptive details – Visual elements, textures, colors, etc.

Of course there’s an art to all this – learning what works well takes experimentation. But following these basic principles will set you on the right path.

My Favorite Stable Diffusion Prompts


Here are a few of my favorite prompts that produce stunning images in Stable Diffusion:

Fantasy Landscapes

Prompt: A mystical golden forest with towering trees glowing from within, elf village homes in the branches, digital art trending on ArtStation

Analysis: This prompt has strong subject matter (golden mystical forest), extra descriptive detail (glowing trees, elf village homes), and specifies the artistic style (digital art trending on ArtStation).

Fantasy golden forest image

Underwater Scenes

Prompt: Underwater scene with sunlight streaming down, illuminating a mermaid sitting pensively on a rock as fish and jellyfish float by, Disney animation style

Analysis: The mood is set (pensive mermaid), location established (underwater), lighting described (sunbeams), and style defined (Disney animation). Vivid details like the fish and jellyfish add extra interest.

Underwater mermaid image

Abstract Portraits

Prompt: Extreme close-up portrait of a woman’s eye with galaxies swirling reflected on the iris, intricate abstract texture, vibrant purple and blue, digital art

Analysis: Unique premise with the galaxy reflection draws you in. Specifying “extreme close-up” sets scope for detail, and calling out colors and textures brings it all to life.

Woman’s eye with galaxy reflection

Tips for Better Prompts


Here are some of my top tips for engineering better prompts:

  • Use comparative adjectives – “Extremely detailed”, “breathtakingly beautiful” prompts better than just “detailed, beautiful”
  • Lean on metaphors – “Hair like liquid gold flowing in the breeze” beats “Blonde wavy hair”
  • Specify light and color – Add descriptors like “awash in warm sunlight” or “vibrant purples and blues”
  • Name a specific artist – “Trending on ArtStation”, “in the style of Greg Rutkowski” etc
  • Describe textures – Smooth, rough, metallic, crystalline, etc
  • Set an emotional tone – Pensive, joyful, serene – whatever fits your vision

Putting this all together, you can craft some really vivid, interesting prompts that will push Stable Diffusion to its creative limits!

Useful Prompt Websites


Here are some great websites for finding and sharing Stable Diffusion prompts:

So try out some of these sites when searching for inspiration or collecting proven prompts that produce stunning images.

Final Thoughts


I hope this overview has sparked some ideas for your own artistic Stable Diffusion prompts! Prompt engineering is challenging but rewarding – with practice, you’ll learn how to guide these AI models to create exactly what you envision.

Feel free to reference my tips and favorite examples. And don’t be afraid to experiment until you craft the perfect prompt for your needs. That journey of imagination and discovery is part of what makes Stable Diffusion so exciting to work with.

Now get out there, engineer some great prompts, and fill the world with your own unique AI-generated art!