Stable Diffusion Prompt for Coloring Book

Coloring books are a fun and creative way for both children and adults to relax and express their artistic abilities. With recent advances in AI image generation technology like Stable Diffusion, it is now possible to automatically generate custom coloring book pages tailored to specific interests or themes.

In this article, I will provide examples of effective Stable Diffusion prompts for generating clean, crisp coloring book pages on various topics. I have over 5 years of experience experimenting with AI art generators and have discovered some best practices for crafting prompts that yield high-quality results.

Effective Prompts for Coloring Books

When generating coloring book pages with Stable Diffusion, there are a few key elements to include in your prompt:

Specify the Content

Clearly describe the main subject you want depicted in the image. For example:

  • A cute baby owl with large eyes
  • A girl painting at an easel
  • An elephant walking through a forest

Style Details

Use descriptive terms to indicate the visual style for a coloring book:

  • Clean line art
  • Minimalistic
  • Flat colors
  • High contrast
  • No shading or blending


Guide the composition so the subject stands out clearly:

  • Centered composition
  • Subject taking up most of the frame
  • Simple background or no background


Emphasize quality so lines are smooth and solid:

  • Crisp lines
  • Sharp focus
  • High resolution
  • No artifacts or noise

Here is an example prompt putting all those elements together:

A centered composition of a cute baby owl with large eyes, clean line art, flat colors, high contrast, no background, crisp lines, sharp focus, high resolution

Advanced Prompting Techniques

There are also some more advanced techniques you can use to further improve your coloring book prompts:

Direct the Style

Referencing a specific artist, art movement, or medium can better communicate the visual style you want:

Guide Anatomy and Proportions

Since coloring books demand accuracy, add prompts about anatomy when generating people or animals:

  • Accurate human proportions
  • Realistic animal anatomy

Enhance Lines

Use terms that emphasize bold, defined lines:

  • Strong lines
  • Well-inked
  • High flow

Direct Lighting

Add lighting direction to ensure consistent shading for coloring:

  • Lit from the upper left
  • Front lighting
  • No shadows

Example Themed Prompts

Here are some full prompt examples for different coloring book themes you can try out:

Cute Animals

Centered illustration of a baby red panda with fluffy fur, realistic animal anatomy, sitting with paws outstretched, clean line art, flat colors, sharp focus, lit from the upper left, coloring book style by Johanna Basford


Watercolor painting of a vase of pink tulips on a table by Winslow Homer, flat colors, no shading, strong lines, well inked, coloring book page

Fantasy Characters

A wizard with flowing robes and long beard and staff, accurate human proportions, strong lines, crisp edges, bold contours, coloring book character design

Helpful Tools

Here are some useful sites and resources when crafting Stable Diffusion prompts:


With the right prompts, Stable Diffusion can generate amazing custom coloring book pages automatically. Focus prompts on simplicity, clean lines, accuracy, and strong lighting. Referencing artists and art styles also improves results.

Now you have all the tools to start creating your own AI-generated coloring books! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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