Stable Diffusion Prompt for ChatGPT

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation model that can create amazingly realistic and creative images from text prompts. However, writing good prompts can be challenging. In this article, I will provide various prompt examples and tips to help you generate better Stable Diffusion images.

Basic Prompt Structure


A basic Stable Diffusion prompt has the following structure:

(seed)[parameters]: detailed text description of the image
  • (seed): An optional random number seed for reproducibility.
  • [parameters]: Optional parameters enclosed in square brackets to control image properties like size, sampling method etc.
  • : detailed text description: The actual textual description of the image you want to generate. This is the most important part of the prompt.

Here’s an example prompt:

(seed 1234)[512x512, oil painting]: a scenic view of a lake surrounded by tall pine trees, in Bob Ross's style

Prompt Tags


You can add special tags in your prompt enclosed in parenthesis to control different aspects:

  • (masterpiece): Generates higher quality, more coherent images
  • (best quality): Maximizes image quality
  • (ultra-detailed): Adds more fine details
  • (cinematic lighting): Adds dramatic lighting

For example:

(masterpiece, best quality): girl with long golden hair wearing a red gown, intricate details, ultra-realistic

Describing Subjects


When describing the main subject, be as specific as possible about visual attributes like hair color, clothing, facial expressions etc. For example:

A woman with long blonde hair, bright green eyes, wearing a white sweater and jeans, laughing

Vague descriptions like “a happy woman” will not work well.

Describing Styles


You can make the AI generate images in different art styles using the following formats:

X style: [Prompt]

in the style of Y: [Prompt] 

[Prompt], reimagined as Z

For example:

oil painting style: an astronaut walking on Mars 

in the style of Van Gogh: a busy city street

a bowl of fruit, reimagined as a sculpture

Adding Modifiers


Use modifiers enclosed in parenthesis to tweak attributes like lighting, detail level etc. For example:

(cinematic lighting), (intricate details), (8k resolution), (depth of field)

Prompt Weighting


Wrap words/phrases in parenthesis followed by a colon and weight (0-1) to make the AI focus more on those elements. For example:

(woman:1.2)(smiling:0.8): a portrait painting 

Providing Examples


You can provide 1-2 example images in the prompt for the AI to use as references. Use markdown image syntax:


A cat wearing steampunk goggles, in the style of the examples

Useful Websites


I hope these Stable Diffusion prompt examples and tips will help you create better AI images. Let me know if you have any other questions!