Stable Diffusion Prompt Enhancer

Creating the perfect prompt is key to generating high-quality AI art with tools like Stable Diffusion. However, coming up with effective prompts can be challenging. That’s where prompt engineering comes in – the process of carefully crafting prompts to produce better results.

A Stable Diffusion Prompt Enhancer is a tool or technique to help you build better SD prompts. In this article, we’ll explore prompt enhancers more deeply and provide examples of prompts you can model yours after.

Prompt Structure

When creating an SD prompt, follow this general structure:

Subject and Style

First, describe the subject or focus of the image. Be as specific as possible about what you want to generate.

Next, define the style. Do you want it photorealistic, abstract, or in the style of a certain artist? Specifying a style helps the AI understand the aesthetics you’re going for.


Add relevant details about the subject’s appearance, pose, framing, etc. The more descriptive you are, the better.


Use modifiers to refine the image. For example, you can add “masterpiece, visually appealing” to boost quality. Modifiers like “intricately detailed” or “cinematic lighting” also help.

Prompt Enhancing Tools

Here are some tools that can help enhance SD prompts:


This Hugging Face Space uses GPT-3 to improve prompts. Simply enter a starting prompt and it will suggest additions to make it more detailed.


PromptHero has a database of high-quality prompts you can browse for inspiration. It also allows users to submit and vote on prompts.


On Civitai, you can find premade scripts to append tags onto prompts, adding camera settings, styles, etc.

Prompt Examples

Here are some examples of great SD prompts you can try out or take inspiration from:

Detailed Portrait

A highly detailed digital painting of a beautiful elf queen in a forest, intricate, by Alphonse Mucha and Ivan Aivazovsky and William Bouguereau. Soft lighting, depth of field, intricate details, cinematic, photorealistic, 8k resolution


  • Subject: beautiful elf queen
  • Style: Inspired by Mucha, Aivazovsky, and Bouguereau (famous painters)
  • Details: forest setting, soft lighting, depth of field
  • Modifiers: intricate, cinematic, photorealistic, 8k resolution

Futuristic Cityscape

A futuristic neon cityscape with flying cars, towering skyscrapers, and bright holograms, trending on artstation HQ, unreal engine, by Hajime Sorayama and Syd Mead


  • Subject: futuristic neon city
  • Details: flying cars, skyscrapers, holograms
  • Style: Inspired by Sorayama and Syd Mead (futurist artists), made in Unreal Engine
  • Modifiers: trending on Artstation HQ


Crafting the perfect prompt is part science, part art. Take inspiration from these examples and tools, run experiments, and keep iterating. The prompts you create will improve with practice. Soon you’ll be enhancing prompts like a pro!

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