Stable Diffusion Prompt Camera

Creating the perfect prompt is key to generating high-quality AI art with Stable Diffusion. As an expert Stable Diffusion user, I’ve experimented extensively to find prompts that reliably produce stunning images.

In this article, I’ll share my top prompt engineering tips and provide examples across different categories to spark your creativity.

Defining Your Artistic Vision

When creating an SD prompt, first clearly define the artistic vision in your mind. Decide on elements like:

  • Subject matter
  • Composition
  • Style/medium (painting, drawing etc.)
  • Lighting
  • Background

Essential Prompt Structure

All good SD prompts follow this basic structure:

  • Subject – Specify the main focus clearly
  • Style – Is it a painting? Sketch? Which art style?
  • Details – Visual aspects like colors, lighting, background etc.
  • Quality – Ensures high resolution, photorealistic rendering

Concise phrasing is key. Be descriptive yet specific.

Prompt Examples

Now let’s see prompt engineering in action with some examples across different categories!


A stylized portrait of a beautiful elf princess in a fantasy forest, digital art by Artgerm and Greg Rutkowski, sharp focus, intricate details, photorealistic


  • Defines subject: beautiful elf princess
  • Specifies style: digital art by famous artists
  • Adds details: fantasy forest setting
  • Ensures quality: sharp focus, intricacy, photorealism


Misty autumn forest landscape filled with warm fall colors, matte painting trending on ArtStation, 8k resolution


  • Sets scene: misty autumn forest
  • Defines style: matte painting trending on ArtStation
  • Specifies details: fall color palette
  • Ensures quality: 8k resolution

Still Life

Intricate octopus sculpture made of recycled materials, hyperrealistic, cinematic lighting, detailed background, depth of field


  • Subject: octopus sculpture
  • Material detail: recycled materials
  • Style: hyperrealistic
  • Lighting: cinematic
  • Background: detailed
  • Quality: depth of field

Continue experimenting with prompts using this framework adding your own creative touch!

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