Siri vs. Cortana: Hilarious Voice Command Examples

Are you ready to have some fun with voice commands? Below are some hilarious voice command examples for Siri and Cortana. Try them out and see which virtual assistant has the wittier responses!

#1 Weather Commands

“Hey Cortana, is it going to rain today?”
“Siri, do I need an umbrella tomorrow?”
“Tell me a joke, Cortana.”
“Siri, make me laugh.”
“Remind me to buy milk, Cortana.”
“Siri, set a reminder for my dentist appointment.”

#2 Relationship Advice

“Cortana, should I text my ex?”
“Siri, what should I say to my crush?”
“Give me love advice, Cortana.”
“Siri, how do I know if someone likes me?”
“Tell me a pickup line, Cortana.”
“Siri, give me a dating tip.”

#3 Cooking Tips

“Cortana, how do I cook pasta?”
“Siri, what’s the best way to cook an egg?”
“Find me a recipe for chocolate cake, Cortana.”
“Siri, how do I make a grilled cheese sandwich?”
“Give me a cooking tip, Cortana.”
“Siri, help me bake cookies.”

#4 Fun and Games

“Cortana, tell me a riddle.”
“Siri, can you play a game with me?”
“Tell me a funny story, Cortana.”
“Siri, let’s play 20 Questions.”
“Sing me a song, Cortana.”
“Siri, tell me a funny joke.”

#5 Movie and TV Show Recommendations

“Cortana, what movie should I watch tonight?”
“Siri, recommend me a good TV show.”
“Tell me a movie quote, Cortana.”
“Siri, what’s your favorite movie?”
“Give me a TV show recommendation, Cortana.”
“Siri, suggest a movie for date night.”

#6 Personal Questions

“Cortana, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Siri, can you keep a secret?”
“Tell me a silly fact, Cortana.”
“Siri, what’s your favorite color?”
“Give me a fun fact, Cortana.”
“Siri, tell me a secret.”