Voice Command Examples for Energizer Connect Smart LED Bulb with Google Assistant

Here are some voice command examples you can use with the Energizer Connect Smart LED Bulb and Google Assistant. With these commands, you can easily control your smart bulb with just your voice.

#1 Basic Control

“Turn on the living room light.”
“Turn off the bedroom light.”
“Set the kitchen light to 50% brightness.”
“Dim the hallway light to 20%.”

#2 Color Control

“Change the dining room light to blue.”
“Set the bathroom light to warm white.”
“Turn the office light to purple.”
“Make the hallway light green.”

#3 Scheduling and Timers

“Turn on the porch light at 7 PM.”
“Turn off the bedroom light in 30 minutes.”
“Schedule the kitchen light to turn on at 6 AM.”
“Set a timer for the living room light for 1 hour.”

#4 Group Control

“Turn off all the lights in the house.”
“Dim the bedroom and bathroom lights to 40%.”
“Turn on the living room and kitchen lights.”
“Set the hallway and office lights to red.”

#5 Color Temperature Control

“Set the living room light to daylight.”
“Change the bedroom light to soft white.”
“Turn the kitchen light to cool white.”
“Make the office light warmer.”