Siri Voice Commands in Japanese: Your Essential Guide

If you own an iPhone, iPad or an Apple Watch, you are probably acquainted with Siri. Siri is a voice-activated assistant designed by Apple that allows you to communicate with your device hands-free. Siri can be incredibly useful, especially if you are a busy person. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most common Siri voice commands in Japanese: Your Essential Guide. Below you’ll find some voice command examples that you can use to make your life easier.

#1 General Commands

“こんにちは” – Hello\
“ありがとう” – Thank you\
“今何しているの?”- What are you doing now?\
“バッテリー残量を教えてください” – Please tell me the battery status\
“おやすみ” – Goodnight\
“Musicを再生して” – Play music\
“翻訳して” – Translate for me\
“電話して” – Make a call

#2 Message Commands

“父にラインメッセージを送って” – Send a Line message to my father\
“新しいメッセージを送る” – Send a new message\
“メッセージを読み上げて” – Read my messages\
“ボイスメモを作成して” – Create a voice memo\
“メールを送って” – Send an email\
“電話して” – Make a call

#3 Navigation Commands

“コンビニを探して” – Find a convenience store\
“デパートへのルートを検索して” – Search for a route to the department store\
“この場所について教えてください” – Tell me about this location\
“父親の住所を検索して” – Search for my father’s address\
“この電車に乗るには何回転遅らせますか?” – How many stations should I delay to catch this train?\
“電車の到着時間を教えて” – Tell me the arrival time of the train\
“住所を教えて” – Tell me the address

#4 Entertainment Commands

“テレビをつけて” – Turn on the TV\
“Netflixを開いて” – Open Netflix\
“音楽を再生して” – Play some music\
“笑い話をして” – Tell me a joke\
“おすすめの映画を紹介して” – Recommend me a movie\
“地震情報を教えてください” – Tell me earthquake information\
“ポッドキャストを再生して” – Play a podcast

#5 Weather Commands

“明日の天気を教えて” – Tell me tomorrow’s weather\
“週末の予報を教えて” – Tell me the weekend forecast\
“今日の気温を教えて” – Tell me the temperature today\
“現在の天気情報を教えて” – Tell me the current weather information

#6 Reminder Commands

“毎週火曜日に出勤リマインドを設定して” – Set a reminder for every Tuesday to go to work\
“18時に夕飯のリマインダーを設定して” – Set a reminder for dinner at 6 o’clock\
“明日の飛行機の時間をリマインドしてください” – Remind me of tomorrow’s flight time\
“次に会議があるのはいつですか?” – When is my next meeting?\
“ジムに行くためのリマインダーを設定して” – Set a reminder to go to the gym

#7 HomeKit Commands

“リビングの電気をつけて” – Turn on the living room light\
“寝室のエアコンをつけて” – Turn on the bedroom air conditioner\
“ストーブをつけて” – Turn on the stove\
“カーテンを開けて” – Open the curtains\
“玄関のカメラを開いて” – Open the front door camera

These are just a few examples of the many Siri Voice Commands in Japanese: Your Essential Guide. Although Siri can do a lot more, knowing these basic commands will help you use Siri to its full potential. You can try these commands and discover the many ways Siri can help you in your daily life. The possibilities are endless.