Mastering Pandora with Alexa: Top Voice Commands

Are you tired of scrolling through countless songs and playlists on Pandora? Well, with the help of Alexa, you can master Pandora and find your favorite music with just the sound of your voice! Below are some top voice command examples that you can use to navigate and customize your Pandora experience.

#1 General Commands

“Alexa, play Pandora”
“Alexa, stop playing Pandora”
“Alexa, skip this song”
“Alexa, pause this song”
“Alexa, resume playing Pandora”
“Alexa, go back”
“Alexa, next song”
“Alexa, previous song”

#2 Playing Specific Songs

“Alexa, play [song/artist name]”
“Alexa, play [song/artist name] on Pandora”
“Alexa, play [song/artist name] radio station”
“Alexa, play [genre] on Pandora”
“Alexa, play [mood] music on Pandora”
“Alexa, play [decade] music on Pandora”

#3 Personalized Stations and Playlists

“Alexa, create a new Pandora station”
“Alexa, play my [station/playlist] on Pandora”
“Alexa, add this song to my [station/playlist]”

#4 Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

“Alexa, give this song a thumbs up”
“Alexa, give this song a thumbs down”
“Alexa, play more like this”
“Alexa, play less like this”

#5 Alarm and Sleep Timer

“Alexa, set a Pandora alarm for [time]”
“Alexa, set a Pandora sleep timer for [time]”

#6 Voice Control

“Alexa, turn up the volume”
“Alexa, turn down the volume”
“Alexa, mute/unmute Pandora”
“Alexa, shuffle Pandora”
“Alexa, repeat this song”
“Alexa, tell me who is playing”
“Alexa, what’s playing?”

#7 Controlling Multiple Devices

“Alexa, play Pandora on [device name]”
“Alexa, pause Pandora on [device name]”
“Alexa, volume up/down on [device name]”
“Alexa, mute/unmute on [device name]”
“Alexa, skip this song on [device name]”
“Alexa, resume playing on [device name]”

With these top voice command examples, you can fully master Pandora with Alexa and enjoy your favorite tunes with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out and customize your listening experience today!