Siri Voice Command Examples: DirectvNOW Apple TV Integration

Below are some Siri voice command examples for DirectvNOW Apple TV Integration. These voice commands will allow you to control your DirectvNOW on Apple TV using Siri.

#1 Opening DirectvNOW

“Open DirectvNOW”
“Launch DirectvNOW”
“Start DirectvNOW”

#2 Navigating DirectvNOW

“Go to Guide”
“Show My Library”
“Browse Movies”
“Explore TV Shows”
“Search for [TV show/movie name]”
“Find Sports Channels”
“View Saved Programs”
“Access On Demand”

#3 Playing Content

“Play [TV show/movie name]”
“Watch the latest episode of [TV show name]”
“Resume playback”
“Play [channel name]”
“Start watching [movie name]”
“Watch [sports event name]”

#4 Controlling Playback

“Rewind [number] minutes”
“Fast forward [number] minutes”
“Skip [number] minutes”
“Jump to [time]”

#5 Adjusting Volume and Audio

“Increase volume”
“Decrease volume”
“Mute audio”
“Change audio language”
“Switch to [surround sound/mono/stereo]”

#6 Recording Programs

“Record this program”
“Schedule a recording”
“Record [TV show name] season finale”
“Cancel recording”
“Modify recording schedule”

#7 Accessing Settings

“Go to settings”
“Change language”
“Adjust video quality”
“Modify parental controls”
“Sign out of DirectvNOW”
“Reset preferences”

#8 Using Siri for Recommendations

“Siri, recommend me a show to watch”
“Find popular TV shows”
“Suggest a movie for tonight”
“Discover new comedies”
“Show me popular sports events”

Please note that these voice commands are just a selection of the many available for Siri Voice Command Examples: DirectvNOW Apple TV Integration. Experimenting with different commands will help you fully utilize the capabilities and convenience of controlling DirectvNOW on Apple TV using Siri.