Maximizing Chromecast Control: Voice Command Examples for Google Assistant (iOS)

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to maximize your control over Chromecast using Google Assistant on iOS. With these commands, you can easily navigate through your favorite shows and movies, adjust playback settings, and explore various features of Chromecast. Whether you want to play, pause, or control volume, these voice commands will make your Chromecast experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

#1 Playback Control

“Play the next episode”
“Pause the video”
“Resume playing”
“Stop casting”
“Skip forward 30 seconds”
“Rewind 10 seconds”
“Jump to 20 minutes”
“Fast forward 5 minutes”
“Go back to the previous episode”
“Play from the beginning”
“Skip to the next scene”

#2 Volume Control

“Increase the volume”
“Decrease the volume”
“Mute the audio”
“Set volume to 50%”
“Maximize the volume”
“Volume up by 10%”
“Volume down by 20%”
“Adjust volume to 30”
“Turn down the sound”
“Volume level to maximum”

#3 Casting and Connecting

“Connect to Chromecast”
“Cast to living room TV”
“Switch to bedroom TV”
“Stop casting to Office Chromecast”
“Connect to Chromecast Ultra”
“Cast from YouTube”
“Change to Netflix on Chromecast”
“Play on Chromecast audio device”
“Connect to nearby Chromecast”
“Casting device to kitchen TV”

#4 Show and App Navigation

“Open YouTube on living room TV”
“Browse Netflix on Chromecast”
“Search for movies on Chromecast”
“Find action movies on Chromecast”
“Go to settings on Chromecast”
“Show recommendations on TV”
“Launch Spotify on Chromecast”
“Play music videos on Chromecast”
“Explore gaming apps on Chromecast”
“Browse trending shows on TV”

#5 Device Control and Settings

“Turn off Chromecast”
“Restart Chromecast”
“Change Chromecast name to ‘Living Room'”
“Switch to night mode”
“Change video quality to 1080p”
“Set ambient mode to ‘Nature'”
“Enable guest mode on Chromecast”
“Connect to Wi-Fi network on Chromecast”
“Check Chromecast firmware version”
“Reset Chromecast settings”

#6 Personalized Content

“Play my watchlist on Chromecast”
“Show my YouTube subscriptions”
“Suggest action movies for me”
“Resume watching ‘Stranger Things'”
“Find documentaries I watched”
“Recommend comedy shows on Chromecast”
“Watch my saved videos on Chromecast”
“Find popular podcasts for me”
“Show my recently played albums”
“Play the latest episode of my favorite podcast”