Master Your Tasks: Top Google Assistant Commands for

Looking for a better way to manage your to-do lists? Look no further than, a powerful app that can help you master your tasks with ease. And now, with the help of Google Assistant, you can take your productivity to the next level. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Google Assistant commands for that you can start using today.

#1 Creating and Managing Your Tasks

“Add task to my work list: Complete presentation by Friday”
“Add task to my personal list: Buy groceries”
“Add task to my shopping list: Purchase new pair of shoes”
“Add task to my household list: Clean the bathroom”
“Mark task as complete”
“Delete task”
“Find task”

#2 Scheduling and Reminders

“Remind me to call John at 3pm”
“Set a reminder to submit report by Friday at 5pm”
“Schedule a meeting for next Monday at 10am”
“Cancel my meeting for tomorrow”
“Reschedule my appointment for next Thursday at 2pm”
“What’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”
“Add an event to my calendar for next Tuesday at 7pm”

#3 Managing Lists

“Create a new list for my upcoming vacation”
“Add item to my grocery list: Milk”
“Move item from my work list to my personal list”
“Delete entire list”
“Share my list with Jane”
“Check if milk is on my shopping list”

#4 Using Assistant

“Ask Assistant: What tasks do I have today?”
“Ask Assistant: What’s on my calendar for next week?”
“Ask Assistant: What’s the weather going to be tomorrow?”
“Ask Assistant: Can you add milk to my grocery list?”
“Ask Assistant: How do I complete a task?”

#5 Integrating with Other Apps

“Add task to my Trello board: Test new software update”
“Create a task in my Asana account: Finish design layout for website”
“Add a new event to my Google Calendar”
“Create a new note in my Evernote account”
“Add a new task to my Todoist account”

#6 Customizing Your Experience

“Change my work list to green”
“Change my personal list to red”
“Set my time zone to PST”
“Change my notification settings”
“Customize my default list view”