Roku Voice Commands: Boost Your Streaming with Google Assistant

Are you tired of using your remote every time you want to change the channel on your Roku device? Well, now you can sit back on your couch and use your voice instead! With Google Assistant integration, you can control your Roku device from your smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker. Below are some voice command examples you can use to boost your streaming experience with Roku Voice Commands and Google Assistant.

#1 Basic Commands

“Turn on Roku”
“Turn off Roku”
“Open Netflix”
“Launch Hulu”
“Go to the home screen”

#2 Playback Commands


#3 Search Commands

“Search for ‘The Crown’ on Netflix”
“Find movies with Tom Hanks”
“Search for ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO”
“Look for comedies on Amazon Prime”

#4 Channel Commands

“Go to the Roku channel store”
“Add the ‘HBO Max’ channel”
“Remove the ‘Disney+’ channel”
“Open the ‘CBS All Access’ channel”

#5 Volume Commands

“Turn up the volume”
“Turn down the volume”
“Mute the sound”

#6 Navigation Commands

“Move up/down/left/right”
“Go back”

#7 Device Commands

“Change the input to Roku”
“Turn off the TV”
“Switch to HDMI 2”
“Restart Roku”

#8 Quick Launch Commands

“Launch Hulu and play ‘This Is Us'”
“Open ESPN and play live TV”
“Start Netflix and resume ‘Stranger Things'”

#9 Kid-friendly Commands

“Open PBS Kids”
“Find ‘Peppa Pig’ on Hulu”
“Launch ‘Sesame Street’ on HBO”

#10 Smart Home Integration Commands

“Turn off the lights”
“Dim the living room lights to 50%”
“Start the coffee maker”
“Arm the security system”