Mastering Siri: Essential Voice Commands for Westworld Fans

If you’re a Westworld fan and want to take your Siri skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some essential voice command examples that will allow you to interact with your device in a whole new way. From quoting your favorite characters to getting information about the show, these commands will enhance your Siri experience as a Westworld enthusiast.

#1 Quotes and references

“Tell me about the maze.”
“Bring yourself back online.”
“These violent delights have violent ends.”
“Freeze all motor functions.”

#2 Character information

“Who is Dolores Abernathy?”
“Tell me about Maeve Millay.”
“What is Bernard Lowe’s backstory?”
“Describe the Man in Black.”
“Who is William in Westworld?”

#3 Episode details

“What happened in the last episode of Westworld?”
“Give me a summary of season 2, episode 5.”
“When did Westworld first premiere on television?”
“What is the air date of the next episode of Westworld?”
“Tell me about the upcoming season of Westworld.”

#4 Theme park information

“Where is Westworld located in the show?”
“What is the purpose of Delos Destinations?”
“Tell me about the different parks in Westworld.”
“Explain how the hosts are created in the show.”
“What is the objective of the Westworld theme park?”

#5 Fan theories

“Share some popular Westworld fan theories.”
“What is the maze theory in Westworld?”
“Tell me about the William = Man in Black theory.”
“Explain the time loop theory in Westworld.”
“Discuss the Bernard is a host theory in Westworld.”