Mastering Chrysler Siri Eyes Free: Voice Command Examples

Are you looking to master the Chrysler Siri Eyes Free voice command system? Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to control various features of your Chrysler vehicle. Whether you’re looking to make a call, send a text, or change the radio station, these examples will help you get started with mastering Chrysler Siri Eyes Free.

#1 Phone Commands

“Call John Smith”
“Call Mom”
“Dial 123-456-7890”
“Call voicemail”

#2 Messaging Commands

“Send a text to Sarah”
“Read message from Mike”
“Reply to message from Mom”
“Send a message to 123-456-7890”
“Cancel message”

#3 Navigation Commands

“Take me to Starbucks”
“Find the nearest gas station”
“Navigate to work”
“Show me the way home”
“Cancel navigation”

#4 Music and Radio Commands

“Play song ‘Take on Me'”
“Tune to 98.7 FM”
“Play artist Taylor Swift”
“Change to AM radio”
“Play the Beatles”

#5 Climate Control Commands

“Set temperature to 72 degrees”
“Turn on the A/C”
“Adjust fan speed to high”
“Turn off the defroster”
“Set temperature to auto”

#6 Vehicle Information Commands

“What’s the tire pressure?”
“Check oil level”
“What’s the fuel range?”
“Show me the engine temperature”
“Get vehicle status”

#7 General Commands

“What time is it?”
“What’s the weather like today?”