Mastering Japanese Siri: Voice Command Examples & List

Welcome to Mastering Japanese Siri: Voice Command Examples & List! In this guide, we will explore a wide range of voice command examples that can help you navigate and utilize Siri in Japanese. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Japanese speaker, these commands will assist you in maximizing your Siri experience. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of voice command examples, categorized for easy reference. Let’s dive in and discover the potential of Japanese Siri!

#1 Basic Commands

“こんにちは” – Saying hello in Japanese.
“お願いします” – Asking politely for something.
“ありがとう” – Expressing gratitude.
“すみません” – Apologizing or seeking someone’s attention.

#2 Navigation and Directions

“地図を開いてください” – Open the maps application, please.
“東京タワーまでの道順を教えて” – Provide me directions to Tokyo Tower.
“最寄りのコンビニまでの距離はどれくらいですか?” – How far is the nearest convenience store?

#3 Weather

“今日の天気予報を教えてください” – Please tell me today’s weather forecast.
“明日の朝の天気はどうですか?” – What will the weather be like tomorrow morning?
“雨が降るかどうか教えてください” – Can you tell me if it’s going to rain?

#4 Language Assistance

“英語でお願いします” – Please speak in English.
“英単語を教えてください” – Teach me an English word.
“日本語の訳を教えて” – Translate this into Japanese for me.

#5 Entertainment and Recommendations

“おすすめのレストランを教えてください” – Please recommend a good restaurant.
“もっと新しい映画はありますか?” – Are there any new movies available?
“好きな音楽を再生して” – Play my favorite music.

#6 Personal Information

“私の名前は〇〇です” – My name is 〇〇.
“明日の予定を教えてください” – Can you tell me my schedule for tomorrow?
“友達の電話番号を検索して” – Search for my friend’s phone number.

#7 Social Media Integration

“ツイートしてください” – Post a tweet for me.
“フェイスブックに写真をアップロードする” – Upload a photo to Facebook.
“インスタグラムで自分の投稿を検索して” – Search for my own posts on Instagram.

#8 Learning Japanese

“日本語で「ありがとう」と言ってみてください” – Please say “thank you” in Japanese.
“日本語の会話例を教えてください” – Can you provide me with some Japanese conversation examples?
“日本の文化について教えてください” – Tell me about Japanese culture.

#9 Time and Date

“今何時ですか?” – What time is it now?
“来週の予定を教えてください” – Please tell me my schedule for next week.
“明後日は何日ですか?” – What day is the day after tomorrow?

These voice command examples cover a wide range of categories, allowing you to interact with Siri in Japanese efficiently. Feel free to experiment and explore to unlock the full potential of Siri and enhance your Japanese language learning experience.