Mastering Bixby: Your Guide to Voice Command and Dictation Examples

Welcome to Mastering Bixby: Your Guide to Voice Command and Dictation Examples. In this guide, you will learn how to effectively utilize Bixby’s voice commands and dictation features to streamline your daily tasks and maximize productivity. Below, you will find a range of voice command examples that you can use to navigate Bixby and make the most of its capabilities. Whether you’re looking to send a text message, set a reminder, or search for information, Bixby has you covered. Read on to discover the possibilities of voice command and dictation with Bixby.

#Basic Voice Commands

“Open Facebook.”
“Call Mom.”
“Send a text to John.”
“Set an alarm for 7am.”
“Show me my notifications.”
“Take a selfie.”
“Play my favorite playlist.”
“Navigate to the nearest coffee shop.”
“Remind me to buy groceries tomorrow.”

#Entertainment Voice Commands

“Play the latest episode of The Crown on Netflix.”
“Find action movies.”
“What’s on TV tonight?”
“Open YouTube.”
“Skip to the next track.”
“Add this song to my favorites.”
“Search for movie showtimes.”
“Play some relaxing music.”
“Read me the latest news.”

#Productivity Voice Commands

“Create a new email.”
“Schedule a meeting for Thursday.”
“Open my calendar.”
“Set a timer for 30 minutes.”
“Add a note to my to-do list.”
“Find a nearby printer.”
“Send my presentation to my boss.”
“Check my unread emails.”
“Share this document with my team.”

#Navigation Voice Commands

“Get directions to the nearest gas station.”
“What’s the traffic like on my commute?”
“Find a restaurant near me.”
“Show me the route to the airport.”
“Where am I?”
“Find a parking spot nearby.”
“Navigate to the nearest pharmacy.”
“Take me home.”

#Information Voice Commands

“What’s the weather today?”
“Tell me about the Eiffel Tower.”
“What’s the current time in Tokyo?”
“Define ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.”
“Search for the latest tech news.”
“Translate ‘hello’ to Spanish.”
“How tall is Mount Everest?”
“Show me recipes for chocolate cake.”
“Tell me about the benefits of meditation.”