25 Alexa Voice Command Examples for Amazon Music

Below are some voice command examples you can use with Amazon Music on your Alexa-enabled devices.

#1 Playlist Commands

“Play my favorites playlist.”
“Shuffle my workout playlist.”
“Add this song to my dinner party playlist.”

#2 Song Commands

“Play Despacito by Luis Fonsi.”
“Skip to the next song.”
“Play the latest song by Ed Sheeran.”

#3 Artist Commands

“Play songs by Taylor Swift.”
“Shuffle music by The Beatles.”
“Add more music by Queen to the queue.”

#4 Album Commands

“Play the album Thriller by Michael Jackson.”
“Shuffle the entire album Back in Black by AC/DC.”
“Add the latest album by Drake to my library.”

#5 Genre Commands

“Play some jazz music.”
“Shuffle electronic music.”
“Explore rock music from the 80s.”

#6 Mood Commands

“Play happy music.”
“Find relaxing songs.”
“Play something to lift my spirits.”

#7 Queue Commands

“Add this song to my queue.”
“Clear the current playlist.”
“Reorder my queue.”

#8 Playback Commands

“Pause the music.”
“Resume playback.”
“Repeat this song.”

#9 Control Commands

“Volume up.”
“Volume down.”
“Mute the music.”

#10 Repeat Commands

“Repeat this song.”
“Play the current song on repeat.”
“Stop repeating.”

#11 User Commands

“Play my music.”
“Play music for Sara.”
“Switch to Sarah’s playlist.”

#12 Discover Commands

“Find new music.”
“Recommend me some songs.”
“Help me discover new artists.”

#13 Follow Commands

“Follow Adele on Amazon Music.”
“Unfollow Maroon 5.”
“Show me who I’m following on Amazon Music.”

#14 Lyrics Commands

“Display the lyrics for this song.”
“Read the lyrics for the current track.”
“Show the lyrics for In My Feelings by Drake.”

#15 Playlist Management Commands

“Create a new playlist.”
“Add this song to my running playlist.”
“Delete my study playlist.”

#16 Station Commands

“Play a station based on this song.”
“Thumbs up this station.”
“Explore more stations like this.”

#17 Radio Commands

“Play pop radio.”
“Play 80s radio station.”
“Create a new custom radio based on this artist.”

#18 Control Alexa Devices Commands

“Play music on my Echo Dot.”
“Skip this track on the living room speaker.”
“Pause music on the bedroom Echo.”

#19 Lyrics Search Commands

“Find the song with the lyrics ‘I’m not afraid.'”
“Search for a song by its lyrics.”
“Look up the track by typing some of the lyrics.”

#20 Multi-room Music Commands

“Play music everywhere.”
“Stop the music in the kitchen.”
“Adjust the volume in the dining room.”

#21 Repeat Commands

“Repeat this song.”
“Play the current song on repeat.”
“Stop repeating.”

#22 Shuffle Commands

“Shuffle my playlist.”
“Turn off shuffle mode.”
“Shuffle my recently played songs.”

#23 Prime Music Commands

“Play music from Prime Music.”
“Explore Prime Music catalog.”
“Find new Prime Music releases.”

#24 Device Control Commands

“Play music on Fire TV.”
“Set the default music player to Amazon Music.”
“Control the music on my Echo Show.”

#25 Collaborative Playlists Commands

“Add a friend to this playlist.”
“Collaborate on a new playlist.”
“Remove a collaborator from my playlist.”