Mastering Bixby: A Guide to Voice Command Examples for Screenshot

Are you ready to take full advantage of Bixby’s voice command capabilities? Below, you will find a comprehensive list of voice command examples specifically geared towards taking screenshots. With these examples, you will be able to utilize Bixby to effortlessly capture and save whatever is on your screen with just your voice. Whether you’re new to Bixby or looking to expand your knowledge, these examples will help you master the art of using voice commands for screenshots.

Basic Screenshot Commands #1

“Take a screenshot”
“Capture the screen”
“Screenshot this”
“Grab a screenshot”

Capture Specific Area #2

“Take a screenshot of the top half of the screen”
“Capture the bottom portion of the screen”
“Screenshoot just the middle area”

Editing and Annotating #3

“Open the screenshot for editing”
“Add a text box to the screenshot”
“Highlight the important part of the screenshot”
“Draw on the screenshot”

Sharing and Saving #4

“Save the screenshot to my gallery”
“Share the screenshot to Twitter”
“Send the screenshot via email”
“Upload the screenshot to Google Drive”

Advanced Settings #5

“Change the screenshot format to PNG”
“Set the screenshot quality to high”
“Customize the screenshot file name”
“Enable screenshot sound effect”

Browsing and Capturing #6

“Take a screenshot of this webpage”
“Capture the entire email thread”
“Screenshoot the image in this article”
“Grab a screenshot of the map”