Bixby’s Basic Voice Commands: 10 Examples

If you have a Samsung phone, you probably have Bixby as your virtual assistant. Bixby is a convenient tool that lets you interact with your phone without having to touch the screen. With Bixby’s Basic Voice Commands: 10 Examples, you can easily control your phone by just using your voice. Here are some of the basic voice commands you can use with Bixby:

#1 Text Messaging

“Send a message to [contact’s name] saying [message]”
“Read my new messages”
“Reply [message]”

#2 Phone Functions

“Call [contact’s name]”
“Answer the phone”
“End the call”

#3 Audio Control

“Play music by [artist name]”
“Pause music”
“Skip this track”

#4 Navigation

“Navigate to [location name]”
“How do I get to [destination]?”
“Show me a map of [location]”

#5 Web Browsing

“Open [website name]”
“Search for bixby basic commands”
“Close this tab”

#6 Settings

“Turn on Bluetooth”
“Set brightness to [level]”
“Toggle Wi-Fi”

#7 Alarms and Reminders

“Set an alarm for [time]”
“Remind me to [task] at [time]”
“Cancel all reminders”

#8 Weather

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Is it going to rain?”
“Show me the weather forecast for this week”

#9 Timer

“Set a timer for [time]”
“How much time is left on the timer?”
“Cancel the timer”

#10 Translation

“What is [word/phrase] in [language]?”
“Translate [word] to [language]”
“Repeat the translation”