Mastering Amazon Alexa Music Commands with Voice Example

If you’re a music lover who recently bought an Amazon Alexa, then this article is perfect for you. Here, we’ll introduce you to some voice command examples that will help you master Amazon Alexa music controls. With just a few words, you can play your favorite tunes, change the volume, skip tracks, and more. So, sit back, relax and let Alexa do the heavy lifting!

#1 Basic Music Controls

“Play music”
“Add this song to my playlist”
“Set the volume to 5”
“Volume up”
“Volume down”

#2 Music Playback

“Play the latest album from Madonna”
“Play songs by BeyoncĂ©”
“Play the top 40 hits”
“Play the 80s playlist”
“Play classical music”
“Play jazz music”
“Play holiday music”
“Play karaoke songs”
“Play music for cooking”

#3 Music Search

“Search for songs by Ed Sheeran”
“Search for songs from the 90s”
“Find songs about love”
“Find songs for a road trip”
“Find motivational songs”
“Find songs with the word ‘happy’ in the lyrics”
“Find songs with a specific instrument like guitar or piano”

#4 Music Services

“Play music from Spotify”
“Play music from Pandora”
“Play music from Apple Music”
“Play music from Amazon Music Unlimited”
“Play music from Tidal”

#5 Multi-Room Music

“Play music on the living room speaker”
“Play slow jazz in the bedroom”
“Play music on all speakers”
“Pause the music in the bathroom”
“Resume the music in the kitchen”
“Stop music on all devices”

These are just a few examples of what Amazon Alexa can do when it comes to music controls. With just your voice, you can listen to your favorite tunes, discover new artists, and set the tone for any occasion. So, take advantage of this amazing capability that comes with owning an Amazon Alexa, and enjoy your music in an entirely new way.