Mastering Alexa Voice Commands: Essential Fire TV Examples

Are you looking to master Alexa voice commands for your Fire TV? Below are some essential voice command examples that you can use to navigate and control your Fire TV with ease. Whether you’re looking to launch a specific app, search for content, or adjust the volume, these examples will help you become an Alexa voice command pro in no time.

#1: Basic Navigation

“Open Netflix”
“Go to home screen”
“Scroll down”
“Go back”
“Open settings”

#2: Content Search

“Search for action movies”
“Find romantic comedies”
“Show me new releases”
“Play The Office”
“Watch the latest episode of The Mandalorian”
“Play music by Taylor Swift”

#3: Playback Control

“Pause video”
“Play next episode”
“Resume playback”
“Fast forward”
“Rewind 30 seconds”
“Stop music”

#4: Voice Navigation

“Go to the search bar”
“Scroll left”
“Select third item”
“Show me my watchlist”
“Navigate right”
“Open Library”

#5: Device Control

“Turn on Fire TV”
“Adjust volume to 50%”
“Change display settings”
“Put Fire TV to sleep”
“Switch to HDMI 2”
“Set screen resolution to 1080p”