Mastering Alexa: Troubleshooting PlayStation Vue Voice Commands

Voice commands can make using PlayStation Vue with Alexa a seamless and convenient experience. However, there may come a time when you encounter issues or have trouble getting the desired results. In this guide, we will explore various troubleshooting techniques and voice command examples to help you master Alexa and overcome any challenges you may face while using PlayStation Vue. So, if you’re ready to take control of your entertainment, read on. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to troubleshoot and optimize your PlayStation Vue experience:

#1 Navigating Channels and Programs

“Go to [channel name].”
“Watch [program name] on [channel name].”
“Tune in to [channel name].”
“Find [program name].”
“Change to [channel name].”
“Next channel.”
“Previous channel.”
“Jump forward [number] minutes.”
“Rewind [number] minutes.”

#2 Controlling Playback

“Fast forward.”
“Skip ahead.”
“Skip back.”
“Jump to [time].”
“Watch from beginning.”

#3 Adjusting Volume and Audio

“Increase volume.”
“Decrease volume.”
“Set volume to [number].”
“Change audio language.”
“Change audio track.”

#4 Managing Recordings and DVR

“Record [program name].”
“Delete recording.”
“View my recordings.”
“Stop recording.”

#5 Customizing and Preferences

“Open settings.”
“Change language.”
“Enable closed captions.”
“Adjust subtitles.”
“Set parental controls.”
“Enable or disable audio description.”

#6 Troubleshooting and Technical Support

“What’s wrong with my Vue?”
“Help me troubleshoot.”
“Reset my Vue settings.”
“Restart my PlayStation Vue.”
“Contact PlayStation support.”
“How to fix streaming issues.”
“Why can’t I hear anything?”

#7 Discovering Content

“Find popular shows.”
“Explore trending movies.”
“What’s new on PlayStation Vue?”
“Search for action movies.”
“Show me recommended TV shows.”
“Explore movies in a specific genre.”

#8 Getting Information

“What’s on now?”
“What’s playing on [channel name]?”
“Who stars in [program name]?”
“What time does [program name] start?”
“Who directed [movie name]?”
“Give me a movie synopsis.”

#9 Interacting with Alexa Skills

“Ask [skill name] to play [trivia game].”
“Order pizza with Domino’s skill.”
“Get sports updates from the ESPN skill.”
“Ask for a joke.”
“Find a recipe with the Food Network skill.”
“Get weather updates from AccuWeather skill.”

#10 Device Control

“Turn off PlayStation.”
“Turn on PlayStation.”
“Switch to HDMI [number].”
“Change input to [device name].”
“Go to Home screen.”
“Open [app name].”