Master Your Roku: Voice Command Examples for Google Assistant!

Welcome to “Master Your Roku: Voice Command Examples for Google Assistant!” Below, you will find a comprehensive list of voice command examples that you can use to take full control of your Roku device with the help of Google Assistant. Whether you’re looking to navigate through your favorite channels, search for movies and TV shows, or even control playback, these voice commands will make your Roku experience more convenient and enjoyable. So, let’s dive in and explore the various command categories to unlock the full potential of your Roku with Google Assistant!

#1 Channel Navigation

“Open Hulu on Roku.”
“Launch Netflix on Roku.”
“Go to ESPN on Roku.”
“Find The CW on Roku.”
“Show me NBC on Roku.”

#2 Search and Explore

“Search for ‘The Office’ on Roku.”
“Find action movies on Roku.”
“Explore comedies on Roku.”
“Show me horror films on Roku.”
“Search for ‘Friends’ episodes on Roku.”

#3 Playback Control

“Play ‘Stranger Things’ on Roku.”
“Resume playback on Roku.”
“Pause on Roku.”
“Stop playback on Roku.”
“Fast forward on Roku.”

#4 Volume Control

“Set volume to 50% on Roku.”
“Decrease volume on Roku.”
“Mute on Roku.”
“Increase volume on Roku.”
“Unmute on Roku.”

#5 Roku Device Control

“Turn Roku off.”
“Power on Roku.”
“Reboot Roku.”
“Put Roku to sleep.”
“Restart Roku.”

#6 App Management

“Add the HBO Max app to my Roku.”
“Remove the Hulu app from my Roku.”
“Update apps on Roku.”
“Display my installed apps on Roku.”
“Launch the YouTube app on Roku.”

#7 Roku Settings

“Change display settings on Roku.”
“Adjust audio settings on Roku.”
“Check network connection on Roku.”
“Enable closed captions on Roku.”
“Change screen saver on Roku.”

#8 Roku Voice Remote

“Find my Roku voice remote.”
“Pair a new remote with Roku.”
“Replace batteries in my Roku remote.”
“Customize voice remote settings on Roku.”
“Enable voice search on my Roku remote.”

#9 Gaming on Roku

“Open Arcade games on Roku.”
“Browse gaming channels on Roku.”
“Search for racing games on Roku.”
“Play ‘Angry Birds’ on Roku.”
“Show me multiplayer games on Roku.”

#10 Roku Shortcuts and Tips

“Enable screensaver shortcut on Roku.”
“Turn on captions shortcut on Roku.”
“Use quick replay function on Roku.”
“View Roku tips and tricks.”
“Access Roku’s hidden menu.”

#11 Roku Screensaver

“Start photo slideshow on Roku.”
“Customize screensaver settings on Roku.”
“Disable screensaver on Roku.”
“Change screensaver type on Roku.”
“Enable personal photos as screensaver on Roku.”

#12 Roku Mobile App

“Control Roku with my smartphone.”
“Stream content from my phone to Roku.”
“Use voice commands with Roku mobile app.”
“Cast YouTube videos to Roku.”
“Navigate Roku with mobile app.”

#13 Roku Kids and Family Content

“Find children’s shows on Roku.”
“Play ‘Peppa Pig’ on Roku.”
“Launch PBS Kids on Roku.”
“Search for family movies on Roku.”
“Show me educational content on Roku.”

#14 Hidden Roku Features

“Enable developer mode on Roku.”
“Access secret screens on Roku.”
“Play ‘Snake’ game on Roku.”
“Explore private channels on Roku.”
“Change audio tracks on Roku.”

#15 Roku Account Management

“Update payment information on Roku.”
“Change account password on Roku.”
“Add a PIN to my Roku account.”
“Manage subscriptions on Roku.”
“Delete my Roku account.”

#16 Roku Remote Control Alternatives

“Control Roku with Alexa.”
“Use Siri to navigate Roku.”
“Control Roku with Apple Watch.”
“Navigate Roku using Android Auto.”
“Integrate Roku with SmartThings hub.”

#17 Live TV on Roku

“Switch to live TV on Roku.”
“Find news channels on Roku.”
“Browse sports channels on Roku.”
“Watch local channels on Roku.”
“Discover live events on Roku.”

#18 Roku Ecosystem Integration

“Sync Roku with Amazon Echo.”
“Integrate Roku with Google Home.”
“Control Roku with Harmony remote.”
“Connect Roku to Sonos speakers.”
“Pair Roku with Fire TV Cube.”

#19 Cast from Mobile to Roku

“Stream Spotify to Roku.”
“Cast photos to Roku from my phone.”
“Play videos from Facebook on Roku.”
“Stream movies from Google Play to Roku.”
“Cast YouTube Music to Roku.”

#20 Roku Audio Control

“Switch audio output on Roku.”
“Control soundbar volume on Roku.”
“Adjust audio delay on Roku.”
“Set up surround sound on Roku.”
“Switch audio modes on Roku.”

#21 Roku Web Browsing

“Launch web browser on Roku.”
“Search the internet on Roku.”
“Browse websites on Roku.”
“Open a new tab on Roku.”
“Use bookmarks on Roku.”

#22 Roku Screensharing

“Mirror my phone screen to Roku.”
“Share photos on Roku from my laptop.”
“Cast presentations to Roku.”
“Use screensharing on Roku.”
“Stream videos from my computer to Roku.”