Master the Fire Edition TV: Top Voice Commands for Alexa

Welcome to Master the Fire Edition TV: Top Voice Commands for Alexa! If you own a Fire Edition TV and want to make the most out of your Alexa integration, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find some examples of voice commands that you can use with your Fire Edition TV and Alexa. Whether you want to control your TV, find specific shows, or explore different apps, these voice commands will help you navigate your Fire Edition TV with ease.

#1 TV Control

“Turn on the TV.”

“Turn off the TV.”

“Mute the TV.”

“Set the volume to 50.”

“Change the channel to NBC.”

“Go to HDMI 2.”

“Play the next episode.”

“Rewind 10 seconds.”

“Skip 30 seconds.”

#2 Content Discovery

“Find comedies.”

“Show me action movies.”

“Search for Game of Thrones.”

“Find new releases.”

“Recommend me a movie.”

“What’s trending on Netflix?”

“Tell me a joke.”

“What’s the latest news?”

“Read the weather forecast.”

#3 App and Device Management

“Open Netflix.”

“Launch YouTube.”

“Close the app.”

“Go to settings.”

“Restart the Fire TV.”

“Put the TV on sleep timer for 30 minutes.”

“Change the wallpaper.”

“Sync my devices.”

“Turn on the parental controls.”

#4 Playback Control

“Play ‘Stranger Things’.”

“Pause the show.”

“Resume playback.”

“Stop the video.”

“Fast forward 5 minutes.”

“Start over the episode.”

“Turn on subtitles.”

“Change the audio language.”

“Shuffle the playlist.”

#5 Smart Home Integration

“Dim the lights in the living room.”

“Turn off the bedroom lamp.”

“Set the thermostat to 70 degrees.”

“Lock the front door.”

“Open the garage.”

“Start the coffee maker.”

“Close the blinds.”

“Turn on the fan.”

“Set the mood to party.”

#6 Gaming and Entertainment

“Play ‘Just Dance’.”

“Search for game deals.”

“Pause the game.”

“View game achievements.”

“Invite friends to play.”

“Stream gameplay on Twitch.”

“Find gaming tutorials.”

“Explore gaming news.”

“Open the game store.”

#7 Personal Assistance

“Add milk to my shopping list.”

“Set a reminder for tomorrow.”

“Tell me a bedtime story.”

“Read my audiobook.”

“Order pizza.”

“Find a recipe for lasagna.”

“Translate ‘Hello’ to French.”

“Ask me a riddle.”

“Tell me a fun fact.”