Master Cortana: New Windows Phone 10 Voice Commands Galore!

Welcome to Master Cortana: New Windows Phone 10 Voice Commands Galore! In this article, we will explore the incredible capabilities of Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant on the Windows Phone 10. As you navigate through your phone, Cortana is there to assist you with various tasks, answer your questions, and provide a truly hands-free experience. Whether you need help with productivity, communication, or entertainment, Cortana has got you covered. Below, you will find a collection of voice command examples that demonstrate the versatility and power of this voice-activated assistant.

#1 Productivity Commands

“Create a new reminder for tomorrow at 9 AM.”

“Set an alarm for 7:30 AM.”

“Wake me up in 30 minutes.”

“Schedule a meeting with John tomorrow at 2 PM.”

“Open OneNote and create a new note.”

#2 Communication Commands

“Call David.”

“Send a message to Anna: Can we meet for lunch today?”

“Find email from Sarah.”

“Skype video call Eric.”

“Check my voicemail.”

#3 Navigation Commands

“Navigate to the nearest gas station.”

“Show me directions to the Empire State Building.”

“How long does it take to get to work?”

“What’s the traffic like on my route?”

“Find coffee shops near me.”

#4 Entertainment Commands

“Play my upbeat playlist.”

“Shuffle my music.”

“Find action movies in theaters.”

“What’s the score of the basketball game?”

“Show me funny videos on YouTube.”

#5 Search Commands

“Search for Italian restaurants nearby.”

“Find a recipe for chocolate chip cookies.”

“Who won the World Series in 2020?”

“What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?”

“Define ‘serendipity’.”

#6 System Commands

“Turn on Wi-Fi.”

“Increase the brightness.”

“Make the text larger.”

“Take a screenshot.”

“Turn on flight mode.”

#7 Fun Commands

“Tell me a joke.”

“Sing me a song.”

“Do an impression of Darth Vader.”

“What’s the meaning of life?”

“Surprise me!”