10 Voice Command Examples to Delete Google Assistant Commands

Are you looking for a way to manage and delete your Google Assistant commands? Below are some voice command examples that you can use to delete unwanted commands from Google Assistant. These commands will help you maintain your privacy and control the information stored in your Google account.

#1 Clearing Browsing History

“Hey Google, delete my browsing history from today.”

#2 Deleting Specific Commands

“Hey Google, delete my command to call XYZ on Wednesday.”

#3 Managing Location History

“Hey Google, delete my location history for the past week.”

#4 Removing Voice Recordings

“Hey Google, delete all my voice recordings from last month.”

#5 Managing Activity Data

“Hey Google, delete my activity data from last week.”

#6 Deleting Personal Information

“Hey Google, delete my personal information from my account.”

#7 Clearing Search History

“Hey Google, delete my search history from yesterday.”

#8 Managing Device Information

“Hey Google, delete my device information recorded last week.”

#9 Deleting Home Device Commands

“Hey Google, delete all commands recorded by my home device.”

#10 Clearing Assistant Settings

“Hey Google, delete my assistant settings from last month.”

These voice command examples can help you take control of your Google Assistant commands and manage the data stored in your account. By using these commands, you can ensure that your privacy is maintained and that unwanted information is deleted from your Google account.