Essential Prompts for Writing Samples

Coming up with ideas for writing samples can be challenging. As a writer, you want to showcase your skills and expertise to potential clients or employers. However, staring at a blank page or document can leave your mind blank as well.

That’s why prompts can be extremely helpful for generating writing sample ideas and getting the creative juices flowing. Prompts give writers a jumping-off point so they don’t have to start completely from scratch. In this article, we’ll explore essential AI prompt examples you can use to create various writing samples.

AI Writing Prompts

AI tools like ChatGPT can provide excellent prompt ideas for writing samples. For example:

  • “Write a short blog post introducing my social media marketing services”
  • “Draft a sample press release announcing the launch of my new mobile app”
  • “Compose an example landing page for my life coaching business”

The key is to give the AI clear instructions on the type of document you want (blog post, press release, etc.) and a few details to make it specific.

You can generate multiple samples this way on various services you offer or products you sell. Tweak the prompts until you get effective writing samples in your niche.

Copywriting Prompts

Copywriting prompts work well for creating writing samples like:


  • “Craft a 150-word Facebook ad for Company X’s new product”
  • “Write a sample Google text ad for my financial planning services”


  • “Compose a cold email sequence for my freelance writing business seeking new clients”
  • “Develop a sample drip campaign for a gym to promote membership deals”

Landing Pages

  • “Draft the headline, subheadline, and two benefit-driven bullet points for an ecommerce site’s product page”

Tailor these copywriting prompts to your niche by swapping out the specifics. Generate multiple samples to showcase your range.

Creative Writing Prompts

Fiction and creative nonfiction writing samples should demonstrate imagination, style, and technical skill. Useful prompts include:

Short Stories

  • “Write a 1000-word short story about two friends going on a road trip across the country”
  • “Develop a 1500-word romance between two characters that meet in Paris”

Personal Essays

  • “Draft a 650-word personal essay on overcoming adversity after an injury”
  • “Compose a 900-word humorous memoir about parenting toddlers”

Let your creative voice shine through in these writing samples. The AI prompts give you direction while allowing room for your unique talents.

Technical Writing Prompts

For technical writing samples, aim for clear, concise language explaining complex topics. Prompts may include:

  • “Write a sample procedure for troubleshooting internet connectivity issues”
  • “Develop a 1000-word beginner’s guide to using software program X”
  • “Explain the key features of a new smartphone in a 500-word product overview”

Use industry-specific details and terminology in your technical writing prompts. Showcase your ability to simplify complicated subjects.

Research Writing Prompts

Strong research writing is essential for academic writing samples. Useful prompts include:

  • “Compose a 2000-word research paper on the effects of pollution from factories”
  • “Write a sample literature review summarizing 5-7 sources on treatments for disease X”
  • “Develop a hypothetical research proposal for studying extinction rates of species Y”

Demonstrate your research skills by integrating credible sources. Use quotes, statistics, and citations correctly.

Additional Tips

  • Bold important text in your writing samples like headings and key points
  • Format any quotes or statistics using markdown syntax
  • Break up longer samples with markdown headers and spacing
  • Generate multiple samples showcasing different writing skills

Check out these sites for more AI prompt examples:

Following carefully crafted AI prompts can help you efficiently create diverse writing samples tailored to your goals. Showcase the full range of your writing abilities with the help of this essential tool.