Cortana Xbox Commands: Voice Control Examples

Below are some voice command examples you can use with Cortana on Xbox. With voice control, you can navigate the Xbox console easily while keeping your hands free. Whether you want to play games, stream your favorite shows, or use apps, these commands will help you get started.

#1 Basic Commands

“Hey Cortana, turn on Xbox”
“Hey Cortana, turn off Xbox”
“Hey Cortana, pause”
“Hey Cortana, play”
“Hey Cortana, stop”
“Hey Cortana, mute”
“Hey Cortana, unmute”

#2 Navigation Commands

“Hey Cortana, go to Home”
“Hey Cortana, go to Store”
“Hey Cortana, go to My games and apps”
“Hey Cortana, go to Settings”
“Hey Cortana, go to Guide”
“Hey Cortana, go to Mixer”

#3 Game Commands

“Hey Cortana, launch [game name]”
“Hey Cortana, start [game name]”
“Hey Cortana, join my party”
“Hey Cortana, invite [friend name]”
“Hey Cortana, take a screenshot”
“Hey Cortana, record that”

#4 Media Commands

“Hey Cortana, play music”
“Hey Cortana, next song”
“Hey Cortana, shuffle music”
“Hey Cortana, watch TV”
“Hey Cortana, go to Netflix”
“Hey Cortana, search movies”

#5 App Commands

“Hey Cortana, open YouTube”
“Hey Cortana, search web for [search query]”
“Hey Cortana, find driving directions to [location]”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like today?”
“Hey Cortana, set a reminder for [time]”
“Hey Cortana, tell me a joke”

#6 Personalization Commands

“Hey Cortana, change my color theme”
“Hey Cortana, turn off Narrator”
“Hey Cortana, sign out”
“Hey Cortana, sign in as guest”
“Hey Cortana, switch profiles”
“Hey Cortana, show my Achievements”

#7 Accessibility Commands

“Hey Cortana, turn on high contrast”
“Hey Cortana, magnify screen”
“Hey Cortana, turn on closed captions”
“Hey Cortana, read text aloud”
“Hey Cortana, turn on speech-to-text”
“Hey Cortana, navigate with eye control”

With these commands, you can navigate and control your Xbox console seamlessly using your voice. Try them out and have a more hands-free experience while using your Xbox.