Troubleshooting Cortana: Voice Command Examples and Fixes

Are you having trouble with Cortana not responding to your voice commands? Below are some voice command examples you can use to troubleshoot common issues with Cortana and easy fixes. Try these commands to see if you can resolve any problems you may be experiencing with Cortana.

Basic Cortana commands

“Hey Cortana, open settings”
“Hey Cortana, show me my calendar”
“Hey Cortana, take a note”
“Hey Cortana, play music”
“Hey Cortana, remind me to buy groceries”
“Hey Cortana, set an alarm”
“Hey Cortana, tell me a joke”
“Hey Cortana, find a restaurant nearby”
“Hey Cortana, open email”
“Hey Cortana, turn on Bluetooth”

Troubleshooting Commands

“Hey Cortana, run troubleshooting”
“Hey Cortana, check for updates”
“Hey Cortana, restart”
“Hey Cortana, search for updates”
“Hey Cortana, run diagnostic tool”
“Hey Cortana, reset settings”
“Hey Cortana, clear cache”
“Hey Cortana, reinstall Cortana”
“Hey Cortana, disable and re-enable Cortana”
“Hey Cortana, check microphone settings”

Customization Commands

“Hey Cortana, change language to Spanish”
“Hey Cortana, change voice to male”
“Hey Cortana, turn off suggestions”
“Hey Cortana, customize news sources”
“Hey Cortana, update nickname”
“Hey Cortana, change theme color”
“Hey Cortana, add a skill”
“Hey Cortana, create a custom command”
“Hey Cortana, set a preferred music app”
“Hey Cortana, personalize responses”

Search and Navigation Commands

“Hey Cortana, search for weather”
“Hey Cortana, navigate to work”
“Hey Cortana, search for recipes”
“Hey Cortana, find directions to nearest gas station”
“Hey Cortana, search for local events”
“Hey Cortana, find nearby attractions”
“Hey Cortana, search for flight information”
“Hey Cortana, navigate to the nearest hospital”
“Hey Cortana, search for movie showtimes”
“Hey Cortana, find nearby shopping centers”