Bixby Voice Commands for Galaxy Watch: Example Guide

Are you tired of fumbling with buttons on your Galaxy Watch? Say hello to Bixby, your new voice assistant! With Bixby, you can control your device with simple voice commands – no more tapping or swiping required. In this Example Guide, we will give you some voice command examples to get started with Bixby voice commands for Galaxy Watch. Below are some of the commands you can use to optimize your experience.

#1 Navigation Commands

“Open Galaxy Store”
“Open Alarm”
“Start timer”
“Navigate to Home”
“Show calendar”
“Open stopwatch”
“Set alarm for 6 AM”
“Open weather”
“Show settings”

#2 Communication Commands

“Call Mom”
“Send a message to Bob”
“Update Facebook status”
“Reply to the latest message”
“Make a video call”
“Read my latest email”
“Show my WhatsApp messages”
“Send an email to John”

#3 Music & Media Commands

“Play music”
“Pause music”
“Skip this song”
“Play my playlist”
“Increase volume”
“Resume playback”
“Turn on shuffle”
“Play my favorite song”
“Play the next track”

#4 Fitness & Health Commands

“Start workout”
“Track my steps”
“Show heart rate”
“Record my sleep”
“Show my workout history”
“Display my calories burned”
“Start run tracking”
“Add water intake”
“Show my progress”

#5 Miscellaneous Commands

“Set a reminder”
“Open the calculator”
“Find nearby restaurants”
“Translate English to French”
“Define the word”
“Flip a coin”
“Cooking timer for 25 minutes”
“Take a screenshot”