Mastering Siri Ecobee3: 30 Voice Commands for Ultimate Home Automation

Are you looking to take your home automation to the next level with the help of Siri and Ecobee3? Look no further! Below, we have compiled a list of 30 voice command examples that will help you master the art of controlling your Ecobee3 thermostat using Siri. With these commands, you can seamlessly adjust your home’s temperature, set schedules, and even integrate with other smart home devices for the ultimate convenience. So, sit back, relax, and let your voice do the work in mastering Siri Ecobee3 for ultimate home automation.

Basic Commands

“Set the temperature to 72 degrees.”
“Turn on the fan.”
“Turn off the heat.”
“Set the thermostat to Away mode.”
“Adjust the temperature by 3 degrees.”
“Turn off the fan.”

Schedule and Timers

“Set the thermostat to Vacation mode from April 1st to April 10th.”
“Create a new schedule for weekdays at 7 AM.”
“Turn off the schedule for tomorrow.”
“Set a timer for 1 hour from now.”
“Cancel all timers.”

Day-to-Day Control

“What’s the current temperature?”
“Is the thermostat running?”
“Raise the temperature in the living room.”
“Lower the temperature in the bedroom.”
“Set the thermostat to Eco mode.”

Integration with Other Devices

“Turn on the lights when the thermostat turns on.”
“Dim the lights when the temperature is above 75 degrees.”
“Lock the front door when the thermostat is set to Away mode.”
“Play music when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.”
“Close the blinds when the thermostat turns off.”

Notifications and Reminders

“Remind me to change the air filter in 3 months.”
“Set a reminder to check the thermostat battery.”
“Alert me if the temperature goes above 80 degrees.”
“Notify me when the humidity level is too high.”
“Send a notification if the thermostat loses connection.”

Settings and Preferences

“Change the thermostat display to Fahrenheit.”
“Adjust the humidity level to 50%.”
“Enable geofencing for the thermostat.”
“Turn on the vacation hold feature.”
“Update the Wi-Fi network for the thermostat.”